voice of the vinedresser

Have You Heard The Voice Of The Vinedresser?

We talk so much about knowing the “voice” of our ideal client at our social media marketing company. It’s crucial to make a Facebook page successful in increasing engagement and hence, sales.

But the Lord has been putting something else in my heart. He’s asking me if I know the voice of the Vinedresser!

So these past two months as I engage with Him in His Presence, I’ve been hearing His voice. I thought I’d share this with you as I prepare to publish my book and create a podcast:  21 Declarations Of Who You Are In The Vine. Thank you for allowing me to share this.

This declaration is number six from the podcast:

The Voice Of The Vinedresser

Out of your intimacy with Him in the Vineyard you are in a fruit bearing mode.  God desires you a harvest for you. He wisely knows when and what to prune. Remember:  He only prunes those who are bearing fruit. The pain of His knife does not mean you have failed. Listen to the Vinedresser:

“I read your heart like an open book. I know what you are going to say before you speak. In all this I say that I love you and have purpose for you. All you see is pain. I see a branch ready to bear more fruit. 

“Hide yourself in Me. I am here to hold you tight as you cling to the Vine. I will plant you in the good soil of my promises. You will know what kind of branch you are because of My Presence. I promise good fruit in the Vineyard and you are to be that fruit. You are a branch who’s fruit will be pleasing to Me, yourself, and others. 

“In my vineyard is good soil to grow. It is not like the world full of fear and anxiety. You don’t have to strive to produce the grapes. Just abide and watch what I will do in your life. If you feel the pain of clips of your ambitions, know I only prune those who are bearing good fruit. Let me take away the pride and selfish ambition and lift you up in My Glory.  Will you cling to Me? From that intimate place with Me I will peel back the truths of who you really are in the Vine. In this intimacy is identity. 

“You are my branch, tucked close to My Vine.  I see the juice of a bountiful harvest that will refresh you and those closest around you.” No strive. Simply abide in the Vine.

I love you,

The Vinedresser

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Coming soon. More for you to hear the Voice of the Vinedresser! 


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