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Do You Want To Learn How To Be In The Sweet Spot In Life?

Discover “In The Vine”- A Complimentary Gift

Enjoy This Mini-Devotional And Learn How To Live By Design In Divine Destiny

Are you tired reading and listening to the negative comments coming from others, on social media, or even yourself?

Do you need to be comforted that out of your misery, you are being shaped for your true destiny?

You can be reminded that God is working through the mysteries and wonders to get you to your destiny to live in the Vine, in the sweet spot of your life! If you want to make God laugh just tell Him your plans for your life. God has a more glorious plan, and He can’t wait to remind you!

in the vine

Psalm 23:4 tpt

Now is your time to receive a word from “The Vinedresser”!

Author Theresa Croft has spent decades studying the Word of God and walking in a passionate devoted relationship with Jesus. She treasures the Secret Place, knowing that in His Presence is fullness of joy. She writes as she receives revelation from Holy Spirit. What spills out is prophetic words that are encouraging and compelling thousands cling to The Vine in intimacy with Jesus.

Croft believes that God is raising up His Kingdom people and setting them apart by the breaker anointing that flows through His Bride. You are part of that remnant. Look for how God moves on your behalf. Give Him glory and watch it bounce off of you to others around you.

You can get instant access to this new book right now, as well as receive the iKings Media Kingdom Messenger Ezine.

in the vine

Coming Soon Video Vault!

In addition you will be one of the first to get access to soon coming video vault containing videos from Theresa that shares more about how to live “in The Vine”, in the sweet spot of your destiny. 

See your life from a heavenly perspective as the branch clinging to Jesus, in The Vine! Know who you are in Christ.

Theresa’s prayer is that you will get a glimpse of your life in relation to your destiny, not your history. That you would come to understand that out of your identity comes intimacy and destiny!

May you believe the dreams of God has for your life; what He put in your very DNA!  May you become part of the remnant that are destined to rule and reign in God’s Kingdom even though the pathway there is riddled with the pain and difficulties of this life.

Don’t wait to be bombarded with the negative chatter in your mind and from those around you! Break away from Fear and RECEIVE THE BOOK….In The Vine: Living Your Life By Design In The Sweet Spot”

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