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Last week something amazing happened. I shot the video above to share…click here.

Facebook hit the 1 billion mark of active users.

That’s right for the first time ever, one billion people used Facebook in a single day.

On Monday, 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family.

Why AM I so excited about this? Well now, more than ever before, you have a chance to share YOUR MESSAGE, your book, your song, your extraordinary solution in your product or service in on place online.

It’s a huge reason why I teach and help people how to use proven strategies as they share their message online with my social media management company, and why I take it serious that this is a God given pulpit to talk the right kind of talk to my flock to share hope!

Now is the time for you to take a step in faith and fulfill what the Vinedresser has put in your heart. It’s really not about you, but about the people God has called you to impact. God has woven his greatness in you. You are not out of it.

He’s asking you to jump in the river (Holy Spirit) and trust Him amidst the process. It’s easier to flow with the river than try to control it.  Try as you may to direct this river, fear traps you, the banks get mushy, and the river becomes a stagnant swamp.  But, if you’re trusting God and  flowing with Holy Spirit, you are going to see amazing things.socialmedialayout

Yes, you will have to work. Yes, you will have to find the right strategies that create the winning results. Yes, you have this stamped in your DNA and you can do it!

Can I give you one huge piece of the puzzle that will save you lots of time and money? Ask God each step of the way how and who to connect to. I can remember the years where I purchased these expensive programs to learn without asking Him first. Once I jumped in, I’d do these SOS prayer flags of…BLESS THIS GOD!

I may have learned some good internet marketing techniques, but they didn’t last long as the terrain online continued to change.

So about five years ago, I stopped everything and simply asked God to show me HIS KINGDOM. As I searched the Word, Holy Spirit lit a new fire in me. He showed me inside His Vineyard with John 15 and wrecked me. He taught me Kingdom business principles and online business models, not fear laden tactics or black hat tricks.

So, I then asked God WHO to turn to for my continuation of my online education. He sent me to my coach I have now and for the past four years I have dug in to learn from her. Not only was this education at a more reduced price to learn, but EVERYTHING she taught me has worked making my clients very happy and me finding the sweet spot amidst the process.

teeI wanted to celebrate this moment amidst the news of the  the growth of Facebook.

Strange I know but bare with me ok? 

If you have been getting these ezines, you know how passionate I am to encourage you with words from the Vinedresser. Words like this:

“I read your heart like an open book. I know what you are going to say before you speak. In all this I say that I love you and have purpose for you. All you see is pain. I see a branch ready to bear more fruit.

“Hide yourself in Me. I am here to hold you tight as you cling to the Vine. I will plant you in the good soil of my promises. You will know what kind of branch you are because of My Presence. I promise good fruit in the Vineyard and you are to be that fruit. You are a branch who’s fruit will be pleasing to Me, yourself, and others....”

Well, the past few months I’ve worked on a podcast where you can actually hear these words! (I was in radio for 15 years) I decided to offer Volume 1 AND Volume 2 at the same special price.

Check out a sample with a video by clicking here!

Be found in the sweet spot friend. Be found in the Vine. He is here to speak and cheer you on…

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