It’s About Time!  A Prophetic Audio Bringing Breakthrough….So You Can Live In The Vine, In The Sweet Spot…Listen To Your Vinedresser!  

You Can Listen To The Vinedresser!

Have you heard any of these comments rattling in your brain?

“Experiencing favor is more dependent on my performance than what I believe”

“The Lord is not really interested in my experiencing joy.”

“Declarations? I’m not in to the name and claim it stuff.”

“My life has to be in order before I can experience peace.”pictureofanna

“My dreams don’t mean a thing to God.”

You can change those thoughts! It’s time to listen to what the Vinedresser says about you!

You can listen to the Vinedresser, the caretaker of your heart and be reminded of His promises over your life. You are meant to live in the Vine, by design, in the sweet spot of your destiny. You are a son or daughter of the King. You are meant to reign in life. A big part of this involves listening to the caretaker of your heart, the Vinedresser, and remembering what HE says about you.

This is not a name it and claim it approach. Rather, this is reclaiming the promises of who God says about you in His Word. You are His treasure, His child, His concern and He wants to share His promises with you! 

In Volume 1 and Volume in this special audio release, Theresa Croft takes you on a simple plan of saying out loud who you are in the Vine. After you speak this declaration, you can hear the tender words of Your Vinedresser, based on scripture from the Word of God, speak His promises over you. (Watch video above for a sample) Then Theresa offers a short prayer to solidify this truth in your heart.

It’s time to listen to what your Heavenly Father, the Vinedresser, says about you, and not the daily chatter from your own mind or the world. Listen To The Vinedresser!

Listen to Words like this from the Vinedresser:

“You may feel you have fallen too far. Not so. I am relentless in traveling up and down the aisles of this vineyard to pick you up out of the crud, wash you, and set you back on the trellis of my grace and mercy. I love you….”

“I delight in you and love to call you in to my vineyard. My love cascades over you as I draw you out of the cold and into my warm home, in the vine. You are not a guest but a child of mine meant to perfectly fit in the design of who I made you to be…”

“You can trust me to perfect it through the messes and the trials. I am not moved by these things.
My plans are for you to prosper, be healthy, enthused with the purpose of My heart for you…”

“I read your heart like an open book. I know what you are going to say before you speak. In all this I say that I love you and have purpose for you. All you see is pain. I see a branch ready to bear more fruit…. “

More About The Vinedresser Audio From Theresa:

tee“In my recent book, In The Vine: Living By Design In The Sweet Spot, I share my years of being impacted by John 15. I had a passion to really know and understand what God was saying to me concerning my purpose. I memorized it and pondered the truths, as a professional golfer, as a wife and mom, and now as a social media manager and influencer.

“I realized that purpose is attached to my destiny. And my destiny is tied to my identity. As I spent time in the Word, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me. I would write the revelation as words coming from the Vinedresser. As I soaked in His Presence and His Word, I noticed a change. I was beating the spirit of fear as I walked out what He, the Vinedresser, was saying about me! I was experiencing His peace as well as His abundance in finances and businesses opportunities!

“I hope you’ll enjoy each of these declarations. They are set up as you speaking the promise over your life, followed by a word from the Vinedresser, and then a short prayer. Listen to one each day, or listen to the whole audio. Immerse yourself in these declarations based from the Word of God. You are truly meant to be living in the sweet spot, in the Vine by design not default. So? Let’s go into the Vineyard and listen to the declarations of who you are in Him, in The Vine!”

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 What they are saying on Facebook about words from the Vinedresser:

“God used you to speak to me and tell me not to give up that He is still with me and on my side embracing me like He always has. Your words are encouraging. God has used your words to speak to me on more than one occasion and steer me right back to Him when I want to veer the other way. So I just wanted to say thank you for obeying the Lord and doing what you do. It’s touching lives. Especially mine right now. Blessings!” – Zina

“I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring & uplifting words. I’m going through a tough time right now & your post have helped me through many days, thank you. I pray that the Lord continue blessing you with the right words. Sylvia, your sister in Christ.”

 “I love this lady!  And her beautiful daughter! I see many changes in my life because of God’s love…. ” – Christina

“Ever so thankful for the anointing on your e-book … The double portion God has given Mothers in the kingdom is truly amazing….Rejoice;))” -Anne

“I’m very encouraged and blessed with what you share on your page. may God continue to use you to be a blessing unto many lives.” – Rebecca
“Thank you Jesus. This is awesome!” -Kenny
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