Finding God In Community-Podcast #37

We can lose sight of our Father amidst the struggles and trauma of life.

Drama. It can steal your joy, your creativity, your strength. This, in turn, can bring isolation and the excruciating battle with thoughts pelting your brain that you are the only one really experiencing the issues that are on your plate in life.

How do you get up from that place to go forward to find Jesus amidst the hurt?
Allow me to peel a page of my heart open to share from a past deep wound.

At this time in my life, I had experienced a lot of church and religion hurt. This brought on an unusual amount of rejection.  And it kept me on the cycle of performance for approval from God and the people in my life.

These wounds were left gaping open. Because of this, I was not in a real community with safe places for my heart. I did have a deep love for the Word, my love for Jesus, my husband, but not a lot of good Kingdom connections speaking life back into my heart.

I remember reading this one book based on the Song of Songs and getting to this one chapter with the keys to real intimacy and growth in devotion to Jesus.  As I read these lines I experienced a profound thud in my heart screaming, “NO, not this!”
This is what I read:
“The Shepherd-King gives the Shulamite an unexpected answer to help her know where she could find Him…..
“At times we lose our way, thus needing examples to follow. We need direction. We need an answer. What will He tell us? It is time to get involved with the body of Christ, with others who are on their own sacred journey. The Shulamite cannot draw back from body life just because the angry brothers wounded her. If she is to find the Shepherd’s resting place, she must reconnect to the flock He leads.”
Excerpt From: Brian and Candice Simmons. “The Sacred Journey”
Hence, the Lord was faithful to take me on the path from performance in isolation to identity in Jesus as I was surrounded in the company of other lovers of Jesus. Community. Family. Accountability. SOZO!

So this is my gentle word to you based on this verse for you. First the verse:

“Listen, my radiant one.
If you ever lose sight of me,
Just follow in my footsteps
Where I lead my lovers.
Come with your burdens and cares.
Come to the place near
The sanctuary of my shepherds—
There you will find me.”

Song of Songs 1:8 tpt

Yes a PATH is always available to come back to a safe place in your heart. And so often in the “sanctuary of My shepherds”.. you can find a connection again with Him through community of like minded Kingdom connections. …Those who will come alongside you and bring a breath of the Holy Spirit. Follow in His footsteps. The Devil would rather you be isolated or over worked in performance, to separate you from those who know your heart and those who can hear His voice to speak and empower you.

Be intentional. Stay connected. From quiet moments of intimacy from Him to time over coffee with a friend, the Father loves to heal your heart with safe places. Follow in His footsteps.

I experienced the truth of this after going into a retreat with wounds opened up and drama knocking me down from connection with My Father. At this retreat was radical worship….and friends who are a safe place for my heart.

I pondered all of this on the drive home from the beach. This is what God was saying to me:

When God aligns…

When He by His Spirit connects you…with sisters like….(friend’s names)

I spent this past weekend with amazing breaker anointed friends… Jesus filled days of going after His Presence together, worshipping our hearts out and praying together for our friends!! Radical encounters with Holy Spirit that broke off chains on ourselves and those we touched or prophesied to…I believe our Father loves to lavish all this goodness as He connect us with like minded warriors from which to do life.

The beautiful thing is it does not stop there.

He knows we need true safe places, friends who become family, as He arms us with grace to be a light, to lead others to the majesty of His love, and walk in His Power to help heal the drama of trauma of others.

You can do this! Pray and ask God to lead you to a Kingdom Family. I asked. He answered.

He’s A GOOD GOOD FATHER! (singing)

So, I’m  praying for you to find such connections. It is a big piece of my heart behind the Kingdom Mentor Group. I believe God can use media to connect you to His heart while you wait for Kingdom–Jesus with skin on friends–close to you. The above video is a small excerpt from this group. We leave the light on for you. Click here to learn more.

I’m praying all this for you. I love to read your comments so please watch the video above and email me or leave a comment here.

Stay abiding amidst the process.

In the Vine,


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