NOW You Can Finally Have Connections And Training To Fulfill Your Destiny!

The “Kingdom Mentor-Kingdom Media Academy” Helps You Discover  KEYS TO HELP YOU Walk In Your True identity as a Kingdom Messenger!

Discover Easy To Understand  Strategies To SPREAD Your Voice Online With Proven Media Strategies That Will SAVE You TIME And MONEY In Learning

Excerpt From The Premier Kingdom Mentoring Group

Did I hear you?

You feel stuck in your destiny. You are caught between the now and the not yet. (Example of training in above excerpt in video here)

You also have asked for help, for keys to handling the challenges of day in and day out living.

kingdom mentor

Member Anna Gabriel from Florida drinking coffee with Tee while watching Kingdom Mentor Video

You want to know really how to live in the sweet spot in life amidst the pain and even trauma you see around you.

You fear you the process of going forward healed and whole. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

 I totally understand that all alone feeling or that thud in your heart wondering if this will ever end. I’m sorry you are going through so much disappointment and heartache.

But I do know how to walk one out of the mess to find the MESSAGE God has wired into your DNA.

I heard it said recently… “Trying to fulfill your call without knowing your true identity will leave you without the true resources to succeed in your call..” 

I will get into the trenches with you and take you by the hand in a more intimate place online to speak life, help you embrace the pain, and walk out of the misery to your destiny! You can find the steps to see a  turnaround breakthrough year in your finances, in your marriage, in your business, in your life! You can make money and have provision for your vision, money for your message, cash for your calling.

The Premier Kingdom Mentor/Media Academy Is Open Now

I help people like you to overcome the obstacles that keep them from going forward in their destiny. I’m like a coach who gives you, the quarterback, strategic calls so you can score more touchdowns in your destiny.

He’s given me a mission, in the Vine. It’s not an agenda. It’s not about people being an inconvenience. It’s about relationship, starting with Him first and sharing the overflow in an private and more intimate setting.

Better yet, you may want a safe place online where you can delve into Kingdom revelation and come away being able to conquer your fear and your doubts and break free toward your calling.

I would like to invite you to an EXCLUSIVE Membership only Academy with mentoring and media training.

I will come alongside you, in a private group setting online, and share more in depth videos, one on one prophetic coaching and interviews with some of the most dynamic Kingdom leaders who will have unique gifts to help you live victoriously.

In addition to the mentoring, I have media training available for you to delve into at your own pace. Whether it’s your own ministry, your own message, or even your business, I will show give you the keys to make graphics, build your website, shoot videos and learn how to engage with over your target market among the  TWO BILLION people on Facebook

I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars are learning marketing strategies. Some were out right duds while others were great.

SAVE money and time and get right to the point of learning so you can lay the right foundation for your ministry or business. Here is what I’ll offer in this Kingdom Mentor-Media Closed FB Group:

  • Live interaction with Theresa in her Private Facebook Group 
  • How to understand your true identity in Mentoring Videos 
  • How to strengthen your walk with the Lord with Kingdom Training 
  • How to find the resources needed for success in your field
  • Discover the world of social media and how to impact your area or sphere of influence
  • Discover Basic strategies on how to share your message online
  • Discover Secrets of Engagement
  • Access to Theresa’s service for building a website at 50% off
  • Let Theresa create and produce videos (50 % off) 
  • Premium package of webservices (50%)

Bonuses Complimentary Training & Classes!

  • FREE Access  to the Spirit Identity Video Package which includes an e-book manual.
  • The Quick and Easy Graphics Video Training
  • Video Vault of Previous Kingdom Training
  • Monthly video training from past webinars/videos
  • Get your questions with personal time with Theresa (Free 30 Minute Consultation/prophetic coaching)
  • Action Steps you can take in your Kingdom walk each week
  • Volume 2 of Listen To The Vinedresser On PDF
  • Early Access to the excerpts from The Breaker Anointing book release

 My heart is to see you walking successfully and living in a culture which you are meant to live as a much loved son, a much loved daughter…. You are meant to reign in life.kingdom mentor

This is not about filling your head with information. This is not about agenda’s. This is not about religion.

This is about deepening YOUR friendship with the Holy Spirit and walking in your Kingdom authority to reign in life in the marketplace, in ministry, in your business!

“Here are kingdom revelations, words to live by,
And words of wisdom given
To empower you to reign in life,”
Proverbs 1:1 tpt

This is a safe place online to go through process and be imparted with real truth on how you can reign in life.

This is all about turnaround and breakthrough where messes become messages, tests become Testimonies and agony turns into destiny.

This is about gaining in healthy connections who become real friends.

This is about you being able to increase your capacity to handle the call on your life successfully with no fear and more confidence than ever before!

Now offering a new teaching platform for all your mentor videos!

Let’s do this…together! (One excerpt of training in above video).

Exclusive Offer!  The Price Will Go Up  Soon! Bonuses Included With this Price

Join for ($149.77) $99.77 month to month subscription

Save $50 a Month for a Limited Time



Kingdom Mentor Academy

If you join on the 7th, your membership will go until the 7th of the following month. At that you will be renewed in the program you selected unless a cancellation is made. If a cancellation is made within 3 business days of an automated billing a refund may be issued however no refunds shall be done after 3 business days of the charge date.You Are Locking This Price In For The Kingdom Mentor/Media Group! Your Monthly Price Will Never Go Up, Unless you Cancel & Rejoin At A Later Date! If this is not for you, cancellations are accepted


Member Patricia Skinner sharing personal breakthroughs and answer prayers

“Your word today hit the spot as it so often does! I cannot tell you how often your messages have reminded me of God’s faithfulness and goodness when my mind was being pulled in bad directions. I am slowly but surely being dragged out of the dark pit and have even experienced a few moments of peace & joy again. I had forgotten how that felt!  Thank you for being a beacon of light for those of us going through a dark season! We really do love you” Facebook Member


“Your words went straight through me into the deepest parts. This has to be the Father speaking through you. You have such a gift to encourage his children in battle. Thank you so much for your transparency and willingness to be a  public vessel. When you get an affront to all you are doing, please remember there are a lot of people like myself that click on your word, at the perfect time and are drawn out of the pressure or pain and into the light, because of your faith to do this. Please hold onto words like this when that happens to you, as what you are doing is imperative to the kingdom, at this time! Much love and blessings to you and your family for sharing you with us! ” Kayleen


“Thank you so much for the encouraging messages. You are really a brilliant writer and your Facebook videos are full of God’s fire. My spirit witnesses the truth they give. They are like chocolate nuggets and I love them.”
Members Elise and Khatchig Keropian

“You’ve helped redesign my world in my mind so it’s a paradise and if you knew me before this journey you’d understand my eternal appreciation. Those who lead others to righteousness will shine brighter than the stars for eternity (can’t remember book and chapter) but I will be looking for your light!” Missy


“I’m in tears for I was just this morning talking with ABBA Elohim about his favor on my life. Thank you Theresa for such a word and being obedient to his voice to deliver such messages to His children. Your message are filled with wisdom, love, correction and direction. I just love Hear His voice as I read his words they’re life to my flesh and strength to my bones. God bless you! ” Reecie

Member Getting RESULTS: DC Moore consulting with Theresa as her devotional is going to be released on Bible App YouVersion!


“I heard Paula White speak of the “sweet spot” in her  last podcast ‘a look in the mirror’ and it reminded me of your phraseology / word of impact to the body of Christ. Your impact reaches beyond more than you realize.” Theresa- Kathleen 

Mrs. Theresa! Thank you for your words of encouragement, thank you for releasing the Words the Lord has laid on your heart. God has used you to speak to me when everyone else I know, man-woman of God, has been speechless (Which is a little discouraging) ,however it causes me to trust and press deeper..” Facebook Friend

“When I first started in this group, I was struggling with finding a church.. We just couldn’t find where we were supposed to be. We have since found our tribe in a very unlikely place and they are wanting me to jump in with both feet. I was asked to teach the lesson for tomorrow nights service. I’ve been praying about it all week and I’m going to be taking some specific things God has shown me from Theresa’s training on “abiding and not striving” and build on that. I know it’s the right lesson to teach because this week I have REALLY been tested in that very thing!” Member Sarah Lester Hammer

Exclusive Offer.  The Price Will Go Up To Regular Price Soon!

Join for ($99.77) $49.77 month to month subscription

Save $50 a Month for a Limited Time


Kingdom Mentor Academy

You Are Locking This Price In For The Kingdom Mentor/Media Group! Your Monthly Price Will Never Go Up, Unless you Cancel & Rejoin At A Later Date! If this is not for you, cancellations are accepted.

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