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Zipping Fear-With Podcast #27

So I discovered zipping fear on a zip line….

What do I mean?

Well, literally I joined a gang of Jesus loving sisters who decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday by going to the mountains where a course of zip lines were set up for recreation. (Definition: consists of a pulley suspended on a cable… It is designed to enable a user to propell by gravity to travel from one end of a location by a long cable by holding on to another by a  the freely moving pulley.)

This is what I discovered. I was racked with fear in the beginning as we put on our gear while the instructor gave instructions of how this “fun” happens.

The saving grace was being around my friends who faced these pre-zipping fears with lots of nervous laughter. 

To start, we had to cross this shaky bridge to get to the platform of this first line to zip.

Trust. We had to trust our equipment, instructors, and the line itself to hold us and work to keep from falling down to the ground.

There is something about running and jumping off that platform and then zipping down that wire that brought pure joy to my soul.

We spent the next hour cheering each other on as we tackled each zip line….or like me, tackled the instructor who had to catch me as I forgot to “break”.

One friend wrote later:

“It was quite the life-changing, girl-bonding, knee-shaking good time! Even though it was scary as heck, I wouldn’t have missed out on an adventure with these chicks…”

What am I trying to say?

Will Smith said it like this: “God places the best things in life on the other side of terror.”

Sometimes our mind creates a greater fear than the reality of what we are facing.  I was the most nervous while getting my helmet and awkward gear strapped on. As I did this my thoughts raced with terror of the what if’s…What if this breaks…what if I fall…etc. , Those fears melted away as I trusted the equipment in mid-air to support me, to my thrill seeking satisfaction. 

What are you fearing?

May I remind you…

You are designed and meant to fly. No ropes. You are meant to soar in the designs and frequencies of heaven in your spirit identity.

Will you believe in the support system of the Holy Spirit? The equipment of faith? The helmet of your salvation? The belt of truth around your waste? 

I pray this word from the Vinedresser will soothe those jagged edges of your nerves that have wreaked havoc in your life with fear.

zip lining fear

From left to right: Meredith (the birthday girl),Shayla, Tee, Abigail, Darlena, Tracy, April, Erica

I see you flying….and trusting… Smile friend, He has you!

Listen to the Vinedresser

“Dear dear child. That monster of fear that has been chasing you for so long is defeated. When your heart feels like its raging with trepidation, draw nearer and deeper into My garden. Let me calm you. Let me love You where panic has ravaged your heart and where your emotions have been on a merry-go-round going way too fast. Soak in the peaceful pool of My tender love. My Spirit is gentle to cleanse your wounds from trauma that tries to take up residence in your heart.

“Come now into this Vineyard and experience My Presence. Here you can feel the gentle beats of My heart as I hold you close. My love is stronger than these chains of horror. I am the fire and light inside of you. I will never leave you in the dark or out in the cold. Fear with its fruit of pain and persecution will never quench the raging fire of love I lit inside of you.

“I am near. My love will capture you and you will never be the same. Watch how I can bring back what the enemy has stolen. Join the parade of My lovers rejoicing and dancing in the streets of freedom. Do you hear that? It’s time for you to rejoice My love. You can join the chorus and sing ‘My Father is the King of My heart…My Father loves me….He is a good good Father…’

“Yield to My furious and unrelenting love. Your faith in My majestic love makes you hell’s furry. The enemy has no power over you. You are not a friend of fear. You are a friend of Me.  Your breakthroughs of squashing your agitation of worry makes you a carrier of My Presence, helping others to do the same around you. Remember now… No performance needed child. No strive but abide….in the Vine.”
Love the Vinedresser

So what next? Sky diving? Well who knows with this bunch of fearless woman.

Zip your fears up friend with a solid declaration of who you are…in the Vine.

Abiding in the Sweet Spot,

In The Vine,


PS We are discussing overcoming fear in our Kingdom Mentor/Media group. Click here to join.

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