I Can Reign In Life#inthevine

You Are Called Out To Reign In Life

I was in deep thought this morning about the interesting process of life. We all have our worries, our doubts, our fears and our own heart pains.

Whether it’s for our children, our career, our finances…

And we all have our share of speed bumps and smashes in the face with life’s cruel realities.

I wrote a couple of thoughts down from the past few days. Let’s see if they connect with you:

True heart pain: Feeling like you are on the table in open heart surgery with no anesthesia. This is where you learn where your true peace and healing comes…. In the Vine with Him!

Ouch!  My daughter is currently walking alongside a friend who is going through some intense heart pain. I see her speak life in compassion and mercy to this close sister.betheconnect

So this morning, as I was being thankful for those near and far who stand with me and my family, I wrote this down.

Be thankful for those who see the nuts and bolts of your life and still love you. The ones who take the pieces, dust off the rust, the dirt, and call out the gold.  The ones who speak life to you amidst the process of growing up as a Son or a Daughter of the King. The ones who celebrate who you are becoming rather than who you are not. It’s in this context of Kingdom family that many will rise to reign in life. Who is God calling for you to connect with and speak The Father’s Heart to?

You are designed to reign in life. May I be a voice for you to say that?


I can reign in life! This IS THE year as I walk as HIS Child in the BREAKTHROUGH of accepting His love!

Listen To The Vinedresser…

Dear child. I train you so you can reign in life. This is not a striving but an abiding place where you learn to lean into Me and and be wrapped  around by My Presence. I am your Vinedresser of passionate love. I will give you the joyful strength and empower you to walk in victory over all your conflicts, your worries, your fears.

Let your resolutions be that you will deliberately strap yourself to the Vine in this garden. Learn the ways of walking as a child of the King. I guard you. I give you days, weeks, and months of unfailing love. I give you years and years of reigning. Walk forward in this relentless mercy and empowering truth.

I Am your quiet and powthewinderful place to hide as you cling to the Vine. I am always more than enough and always available to hear your heart cries and unanswered questions. Fear does not reside in this dwelling place. 

As you learn to lean in to Me to reign in your life, in Christ, you find the meaning to the process and grow in your identity. The winds may blow, the structure of your faith may shake, and the cold waves slap your face, but you will still stand resolute in a quiet confidence. You know who has the ultimate victory at the end of your glory story of unending grace.

You are mine beloved. You are a lover of My Presence. You have learned this secret of not striving but abiding. Dwell, rest, soak, be who I have called you:  A Son. A Daughter who reigns with full inheritance of My Glory in Him, in the Vine.
Love, The Vinedresser

©Listen To The Vinedresser

I believe in you!

In The Vine,








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