In The Vine:  Your Best Years

I have an older brother who has gone through the ups and downs of life. He went through a tough divorce. Then years later lost a great job. Did he throw in the towel on life? No.

He used to always tell me to make sure I do something I have a great passion and something which I enjoy as far as making a living. I can tell you that those words have stuck with me through the years. And I can say I’m blessed to live out these dreams, in the vine, in the sweet spot of destiny. wavesfloat

So… I say this to say: IT’S NEVER too late to live your best life.

My brother sold his house in Seattle and bought a small place at the foot of the mountains. He runs, he bikes, he skis…all the things he is so passionate about. And he talks to people. HE LOVES People.

It’s never too late friend. It’s never too late. You are meant to live in the Vine, in the sweet spot no matter what noise or crashing is going on around you.

The picture above shows Mike as he is traveling right now down the west coast on his bike. Go MIKE! He used to “trick” me to go for these “short” runs and they’d end up being 5 or 6 miles. No tricking me here brother. I will NOT ride with you. 

As far as it goes for you, I am here cheering you on in the grandstands of your life. I speak and pray life over you. Feel free to share a prayer on my Facebook Page.

The waves may seem to be crashing you into the sand. You’re wet and tired. God told me to tell you to try floating. Let Him carry you.

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