winning battles

Pressure. The days you feel worn down amidst pressures compounded.

Battles. The kind of fights that are so intense that internally you feel like you can take no more.

Your emotions make you feel like you are on a merry-go-round going super fast and is anything but merry.

I have experienced this in relation to a few issues that are near my heart. I also have a few friends that are in the midst of battles that tear at the seams of their hearts.

One thing I’m learning is to give that pressure back to God by pressing into heaven.

What do I mean by that?

Well, here is one way. The other day I was running errands with Dave determined to not to let the heart issues dominate my emotions, I started to simply praise God and then thank Him for my friend’s breakthroughs. I thought of a sister who got a raise and now gets to work from home. I rejoiced with other ministry friends who received a brand new Lexus as both their cars broke down. I pulled on heaven thanking God for other breakthroughs of reconciliation and restoration going on around me.

Did I feel like doing that amidst my own internal struggles at that moment?


But His voice was so clear to do this. I must say I’m learning so much amidst writing a book about the Breaker Anointing. I laugh to myself thinking I’m getting wrecked to be able to write about this. But one thing is for sure, I’m resolute in obeying what the Holy Spirit says for me to do. 

So may I encourage you in this e-mail to stay in the Vineyard (Presence) and know you are designed to win these battles. What happens in the external around you does not have to leave you in a pit.

Climb out with praise and thanksgiving…and stand!

Check out Ephesians 6. You may be familiar with the battle gear described here by Paul while he was imprisoned in some dark holes surrounded by big mean guards. He obviously had plenty of time to view these dudes and what they were wearing. Galatians 6 gives us a clue of how God dresses us with armor as we walk with Him. The only parachute

Get a pen and read this Chapter taking notes on what Holy Spirit is saying to you specifically.

I believe firmly that your season is shifting and changing. You have gone through the fire. You have been on the frontline of your own battles. You may still feel the affects of a real spiritual warfare around you.

Hold your ground. Stand. Plant your feet, and your heart, no matter what comes.

Your deliverer is here. I see and declare more answers to your prayers.

I see victory on the other side of the battle.

Make this your declaration:

In The Vine Declaration: I am seated with Christ. I do not let the pressure of the battle stop my destiny. I am a victor!

Listen to the Vinedresser

“Your prayers to Me are more than parachutes with no rip cord jumping out of the plane of your troubling situations.

“I hear you beloved. The battles may rage on around you but I will not leave you defenseless.

“You abide in an intimate position with Me, in the heavenliness. You are seated with Me, remember? Here you live peacefully as My union with you infuses you with My majestic love and favor. You live powerfully as you trust My explosive propensity flowing in and through you. You come from My place of influence and victory. The Vineyard of your heart in Me is greater than the swamp of the world around you.

“Remember beloved, any fight you go thorough is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and authorities operating in rebellion. They are like the squirm bugs on earth that try to startle you, invading your vineyard (kitchen or living room). Turn the light on…and watch the bug move to a darker place. Spray (speak) to them with your weapon of praying in the Spirit.

“So dear Child, rise up and be strong in the strength of all My might that I give to you. Stand firm in the Vineyard. The schemes of the evil one does not confound or surprise Me as it tries to mess up the garden of your heart. I am the Vinedresser. I have My shotgun to take out the foxes of fear. I will watch over the fruit of your heart.

“Keep talking to Me, My beloved. Your prayers to Me are resounding in heaven as prophetic declarations to direct your family, your state, your nation. I give you My Words to walk, not as a victim but as a victor. Decree and declare what is your inheritance, the divine design of your times.

“You are My conquering warrior. My much loved son. My much loved daughter. It is who you are, in the Vine.

“No strive now child. Simply abide.”

Love the Vinedresser

I am praying for you and see the victory coming your way.

“In the same way that gold and silver are refined by fire,
the Lord purifies your heart by the tests and trials of life.”

Proverbs 17:3 tpt

In the sweet spot…

In The Vine,


PS Please share this with a friend who is goirng through the fire…
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