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NOW Is The Time To Find Breakthrough In The Vine!
You Can Attain Your Dreams No matter What’s In Your Past!

This Is What You Need To Shift  Your Life To Upgrade:
Living In The Vine, In The Sweet Spot Of Your Destiny
You Can Experience NOW The Very Keys And Tools To Help You Experience REAL BREAKTHROUGH In Your Life

I believe you have an extraordinary solution to someone’s pain point. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a businessman or marketplace person, or a pastor, prophet, speaker, coach or author, God has set you apart to impact those around you.

Someone is waiting for your breakthrough.

You can make a shift and attain your dreams!

I’m here to give you the tools, keys, and strategies you need to move forward toward your desired destiny all the while helping you to shift to upgrade in every area of your life. 

My Story…..

Some 12 years ago I was stuck in my destiny and discouraged because I felt like a failure. I had just retired from over 15 years as a Christian FM radio announcer and felt lost in my identity.

I tried a number of “home businesses” only to find more dead end results.

I wanted to be breakthrough for others and help people but so many fear issues were holding me back.

I spent a good number of years learning secrets of online marketing and being coached by some of the most powerful influencers in the marketplace world.

But nothing was working. No finances to show for the years of training.

Can you relate to this?

So I made a shift. I stopped chasing the MLM’s and sat down with God to listen to what He had for me.
I call it the hum of heaven as I learned to align my spirit to His Presence. I learned the secret to abiding in Him and not striving to find my self worth.

From this place of rest, I started to dream with God and follow His steps, which included learning from Kingdom leaders and being a student of Kingdom core values. What was the result? 

I walked through my own breakthrough to my “God dreams” coming true as a social media influencer and consultant, author, speaker, and Kingdom Mentor (Coach).

One of the dreams coming true was I landed a powerful client. I was able to create and implement the social media and email marketing campaigns of Stairway Ministries, to help them become an “online social media influencer that they are today. (Stairway Ministries is the non-profit ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation Bible.)

But, just the same, I still remember the feeling of destiny delay and feeling stuck. I’m sorry you feel like nothing is working and you feel left on the back burner. It’s hot, dry, and messy back there.

But can I give you a key of hope?

In order to experience the breakthrough you are longing for it often comes from a breakthrough within you.

What I mean by this is you can find the real tools to unlock the greatness inside of you. God wired an extra ordinary brilliance in you that not only sets you forward in your heart’s desire, but also is a solution to other people’s pain point.

You want to be free from fear.

You want to write that book.

You want to walk in that destiny dream.

You want to go from destiny delay to dreams being fulfilled.

You want to love your life and have hope, peace, and joy again.

You want to have healing and peace in your relationships.

Listen! The assignment against you is not greater than the faith in you. You can walk in the design God put in you since you were born! It’s in your very DNA!

One thing I learned that brought a dramatic shift in my life was to truly understand my identity. This enabled me to have the capacity and now resources to find success in my call. I am not chasing money. It is chasing me.

So, I am like a football coach who can give you, the quarterback, strategic plays so you can score more touchdowns in your calling.

In order to change the world, you first have to break through in your own life.

You can experience a shift , a step forward, in some area of your life, you then have the authority to walk in the breaker anointing.

This means you can help to release the breakthrough over other people struggling with the same thing. You become the extra ordinary solution to help people get over the drama of the trauma to living in fulness of joy.

There are people in the world who are counting on your quantum leap to destiny!

You can find this today.

The Starting Tools Of The Process

Learn From My Journey Of Mistakes And Victories

I’ve been on a journey in my life destiny of living in the Vine, in the sweet spot, for over 25 years and experienced my share of missteps.

You can learn from my mistakes and now victories as I walk in true Kingdom principles that are set ups for upgrade and advancement in all areas of your life.

You will get everything you need as you walk through the process of walking out your life purpose, which includes coaching one on one toward your goals, and learning how to hear God so you can coach yourself. In addition, you have the rare opportunity to couple your coaching with media tools, skills, and strategies included for your platform online. 

Whether it’s fear or any other tangling issue you will be given step by step coaching that will help you recalibrate to your true identity and past being frozen in fear or any other issues keeping you from your destiny. You will also be given modules of training via video so you can learn at your own pace.

in the vine coaching

Ready To Get Started?

I invite you to join me one on one in a a journey of activating these vital truths to recalibrate and spring you forward to success in your destiny.

Here are some of the topics:

  • Living free to be in the sweet spot
  • Walking In Your True Spirit Identity
  • Changing Your Belief system
  • Identity Restoration
  • Finding Freedom To Find Your Voice
  • Discerning Spiritual Atmospheres
  • Blue print for the Perfect You
  • Keys To Spark Your Destiny.

In The Vine Additional Coaching: Finding Your Voice

Additions to this coaching includes helping you to find your voice and the platform to spread it in the media world. Very few coaching programs combine this power punch for media activation.

Whether you want to be an author, coach, speaker, singer, marketplace person or simply to find ways to add streams of income to your family, I will help you through the steps of being an online influencer in your field.

This includes:
1) Setting up your website or facebook or other media outlets such as podcasting, instagram or video. (A 1,200 value)
2) Giving you step by step modules of video to learn how to bring your own voice, input, to the media outlet you choose. (For example, I’ll set your website up and you will have videos on how to make posts, how set up graphics, videos and other content.

Even if you feel shy or unqualified, you will be matched  to the best online outlet so you can set up a strong foundation online as you go through the coaching. You can do this! I have quick and simple steps.

Here Is What Kingdom Coaching Will Do For You

  • Help you mark out your destiny/your purpose in your business, ministry, marketplace etc
  • Identify obstacles to living in your true identity.
  • Give you tools to help you shift your belief system
  • Eliminate fear with Kingdom Weapons Of Warfare
  • Strategies to go from destiny delay to destiny fulfilled
  • Provide you with keys to walking in the favor of God
  • Developing strategies for you to walk in the breaker anointing
  • Tools to help you break free to emotional health
  • Provide prophetic coaching and leadership (Includes sessions with my husband, Firebrand Dave)

Plus a lot more….

This coaching also includes these Bonuses for free:

1) Six Month Membership To the Private Kingdom/Media Academy ($582.00 value)
2) The Place Of Breakthrough Video Series ($97 value)
3) The Spirit Identity Series-Videos and Book ($97 Value
4) The Mentor Video Vault
5) The Media Video Vault
6) Creating Easy And Quick Graphics ($49 value)
7) Journal secrets to help you write your book

Plus more!

This is a minimum 3 month plan…. at $1997.97 a month. Or two payments of 1,047.97 a month. You can take a step now for your destiny!


What others are saying….

Leila Thompson IFFB Pro





This is for you…..Entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, athletes, ministers, coaches, marketplace people, or simply someone wanting to walk by divine design and not by default…

This coaching is for you if you are coachable, self-motivated, and ready to take your business/life/destiny to the next level of upgrade.

This coaching is for you if you stay on task and walk out the steps to healing and freedom.

This program is for you if you know that you are called to be a leader and Kingdom influencer in your industry.

Finally, this is for you if you are truly looking to understand your identity so you can have the capacity and resources to be successful in your field.

To initiate this….you pay nothing up front. To ensure this is the right coaching and media training for you please answer and submit information on the form below here.

No obligation for payment now!

Your Coaching Investment:
This is a minimum 3 month plan….

Two payments of 1,047.97 a month.
– OR –

 $1997.97 a month.

Answer questions below and I will get back with you via a phone explanation of approval or not.

Once accepted be prepared to choose your payment option.  On receipt of payment you will have access to the Kingdom Mentor Group and I will lay out the one one one coaching that fits your schedule.

It’s time for you to walk in freedom with resources to untangle your mind, soul and heart to be spirit driven toward your destiny. 

You can do this friend.

About Theresa Croft:

Theresa Croft, “the media messenger”. is a revivalist, author, speaker, coach, and consultant. She is the author of the Devotional:  Listen To The Vinedresser:  31 Declarations of Who You Are In the Vine, VOLUME 1 AND VOLUME 2 available on Amazon and iBooks.

Theresa helps leaders know their identity so they can have the capacity and resources to succeed in their calling. She is like a football coach relaying to you, the quarterback, strategic calls so you can score many touchdowns in your destiny!

Theresa is also a social media influencer and marketing consultant. Her specialty in marketing is creating content that connects with social and digital media, resulting in your own culture online.  Croft is passionate about helping businesses and ministries harness the power of the internet to share their message, enabling them  to “reign online”. . Theresa has been known to help many clients, including The Passion Translation, create their own voice and become a social media influencer.

Croft created and implemented the social media and email marketing campaigns of Stairway Ministries to help them become an “online social media influencer.” Stairway Ministries is the non-profit ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation Bible.

 She is founder of iKings Media™,  and co-founder serving with her husband Dave with  the Kingdom Messenger Network™. Dave and Theresa serve at Bethel Atlanta in many areas including a Life Group for Community.


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