Going Forward In The Vine

In the midst of going forward in the Vine, don’t be surprised if somedays are messy. Your doubts, frustrations, and roller coaster emotions do not disqualify you from your divine destiny in the Vine.

They actually may qualify you as you take the sorting out before the Lord.


Little Will and Me At Six Flags

Let HIM ask you the tough questions. You know, like:

“Are you holding offense against someone?”

“Do you feel unappreciated and walked on?”

“Are you trying to solve your perplexities without My wisdom.”

“How’s your heart? Have you rested in Me lately. Have you heard Me speak from my Word and promises?

Good questions, huh. Your answers help you in the journey of going forward in the Vine.

So, what do you do when your emotions are all over the place? You throw yourself headlong into the arms of the Lord and let Him rescue you. Declare this:

DECLARATION: I will not be ruled by my emotions but by the Spirit of God inside me.

Listen to the Vinedresser:

“I am hear child. I will answer you on the day you crash. Bring your roller coaster emotions into My vineyard as I calm you in My patient love.

“You may feel like a heap of tears and frustration. That spill of your gut does not keep Me from rejoicing over you with gladness. Let me quiet you with my love. Come closer child. I am near to still the waves of turmoil in your emotional heart.

“Do you hear the sweet lullaby I am singing over you. It’s so simple, so sweet. It’s a song of peace and a new tune of revelation. What you see as a total mess, I see it as a speed bump. Now lay your worn torn heart into My arms. I will hold you and soak you with gentle healing in the presence of my mercy so you can run again. Rest. Abide. In the Vine.

Love The Vinedresser

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