Validation And The More Than Enough Anointing-Podcast #36

Can validation bring the more than enough anointing?

I say yes and find one of many answers in the Word.

The part of the definition of validation is this: “recognition or affirmation that a person or their feeling or opinions are valid and worthwhile.”

I’ve seen this validation have a powerful effect on a person’s growth from my family to my friends.

What if it is lacking? As I share in the video above, it’s easy to be offended and lose your identity if you are constantly looking for it from others.

So, how does validation bring the more than enough anointing?

Well, let’s make one thing very clear. The only true place for real validation can be found in your intimacy with Jesus, in the Secret Place of His Presence.

Write that down. Validation comes from knowing who you are in Christ! (Your spirit identity).

I love this story in Exodus 36 when the Israelites were building the Temple. I encourage you to go and read that passage.

Here you see Moses (Starting in Exodus 35:30) explaining how two men were gifted by the Lord as skilled craftsmen who were summoned to lead the building of the Temple.

Talk about validation!

But I love the eagerness of those who may not have been mentioned by name—they knew their value and did not need Moses affirmation—and they were eager to work!

“So Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab and all the others who were specially gifted by the Lord and were eager to get to work.” Exodus 36:2 NLT

As you go on in this chapter, you see the people giving and giving…and the “more than enough” that followed. The craftsmen went to Moses to tell him…

“They went to Moses and reported, “The people have given more than enough materials to complete the job the Lord has commanded us to do!” Exodus 36:5 NLT

I believe this Word is for you. Look for the Lord to bring you His affirmation and your identity in Him.

And watch the more than enough anointing spill out of your life into not just your finances, but your healing, reconciliation, and soul health.

Here’s a declaration and a word from the Vinedresser just for you

Declaration: I know who I am in Christ. I am His much loved daughter, His much loved son. I have more than enough.

Listen to the Vinedresser..

“I am walking amidst you saying I am all you need. I am more than enough no matter what you are facing. Your sweet devotion and tender worship here on this lawn, in this place, is a sweet aroma… Do you hear me?…. I am all you need. I am more than enough. I declare a more than enough declaration over this land, over your family, over your life.

“I am giving you an intimate experience of deep insight into the hidden truths and mysteries of my realm here in this garden. It is the realm of My Kingdom which you have access anytime of any day. Here is the storehouse for wealth in revelation that is more than enough for you.

“As I hear you sing that you want more of Me, I am releasing my breaker anointing that pours the more than enough fire. The fire breaks open the ground of your heart so you cant be able to handle well the overpowering depth of my Majestic love and grace… The fire burns off the imperfections. Don’t worry, My Child, My oil is here to soothe any pain of the flame on your skin.

“Watch the release of MORE of Me…I am declaring that this land will be a land of reconciliation. From the east to the west…from nation to nation… More of My Presence will flow. You will be My Hands, My feet, My mouth…You will know how and when to bring the treasures in your heart to show to others.

“So go ahead. Ask for more. Ask for more! I delight to give to my laid down lovers the anointing of more. Finances? Consider it done. Relationships? Consider them restored.. Bodies wracked with pain? Consider them healed.

“The more than enough is here… For what I have stored up in your hearts will be heard by your generation with the overflow of your words. You will be My forerunners of the more than enough messengers. Remember, the more than enough hidden truth comes not by striving, but simply abiding, in the Vine.
Love The Vinedresser

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Tell me what you think about this and be sure to watch the video. You are being summoned by the Lord to step away from shame and negative emotions to the greatness He has called you to….

Stay abiding amidst the process.

IN the Vine,


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