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Connections With True Valentine Love
With Podcast #22

Some quick thoughts on your relationship in the Vine, connections with Jesus, and true valentine love.

The other day, filled with long hours of doctor visits (for Dave), I was thinking of connections… meaning THE connection in relation to Father God.

So while I am sitting in a Chic-fil-a with two moms and their kids sitting (loudly) over from me, I tried to remember what Holy Spirit said the day before…. It was so awesome. But I had no computer to write what He said down.


What was God saying yesterday?

What is the ultimate of connection?

This came to mind:

All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it. 1 Corinthians 12:27

So the ultimate connection is being one with Jesus. Out of that flows the life source for us to live in our Spirit identity and to be an agent of God’s love. As He grafts you in the Vine, you carry the very DNA of Jesus to impact hearts for heaven!!

So, since Valentines day is coming up, I went searching the Word for some true Valentine love thoughts .

I’ll simply end this with a Vinedresser Word which He spoke days later on a trip home from a prison visit near the Florida State line. While I rarely type on my computer going down the road, the worship music and company with one who has showed me true valentine love, my husband, seemed just the best intimate place to connect with you.

So, this is just for you, friend. The Holy Spirit let me feel the exhaustion and frustration that you are in now in terms of connections. It might be a spouse who lets you down or a friend who betrayed your trust. Get a cup of coffee (or tea) and let the Vinedresser speak healing words of love to your soul.

Listen To The Vinedresser

“Dear Valentine…don’t you know how much I love you? My devotion to you is written in red by the blood of My Son. In this redeeming love, I have placed greatness in you as I deliver you from the cesspool of your searching for love apart from Me. So now, let Me Kiss your heart with forgiveness so true healing can help you be balanced and complete. I give you the Key to My heart for access day and night.

“Here, lover of Mine, pick my flowers of faithfulness that carry the aroma of My glory wrapping around your tender heart. You may not receive flowers from your loved one here on earth, but I always have a bouquet of My Presence to lavish on you. Your unrelenting worship of Me, even amidst arrows to your soul, produces My sweeter than wine love whispers. Let me flood your very being with a torrential love, like a river overflowing its banks with kindness and mercy.

“Do you know what I see when I look into your eyes? I see your radiant beauty. I’m held captive by your passion. Your undying devotion to Me makes my heart skip a beat as the hosts of heaven stand at attention in awe. Lovely even in your weakness, I see you as My strong tower bringing the very DNA of Me, as My breaker anointing messenger, impacting thousands of hearts for heaven.

“You are without equal, the perfect beloved dove for Me, crowned as royalty. I cannot even count the delights you bring Me. Truly your love is the greatest as I get to feast in your vineyard of love. You truly are the one who brings Me bliss. Let’s continue to dance close together as I spin you forward with all the strength and power you need. Lose yourself in My love now dear one and allow My glory to consummate the fullness of My Love for you, fulfilling your heart’s desires. So, no strive now, simply abide, in My Presence, in this Vineyard of love.”

Love your Valentine, the Vinedresser

Happy Valentine day! Loving and praying you…forward.

In the sweet spot–In The Vine–


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