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Inner Unity: Unity With Your Soul to Your Spirit

Have you ever felt out of joint emotionally.

You know like, something sneaks in, such as doubt and a past failure, and next thing you know you feel like life is draining away from you.

I understand how life’s challenges can leave you reeling and slam you down to the ground emotionally.

Is there something you can do that can help eliminate some of these agonizing issues that leave your emotions frayed and your mind fried? Life become a tight wire walk where you wonder how much more you can take.

Turnaround is still a word for you friend. There is a key to walk away from this.  It’s this: I truly believe inner unity, with your soul to your spirit is where your emotions can be restored and even revived. This unity involves identifying what thought or lie is behind the negative emotion.

For example, I used to spend a lot of energy working hard to make money and always focusing on THE MONEY! Simple enough. But in this emotionally charged striving mode all I saw was lack. (I’m not against working hard, by the way.)

How did I adjust this to where now money chases me and I don’t chase money?

I simply aligned my soul to my spirit believing the promises that God will supply my needs; that He knows my dreams and visions; and He can perfectly pull it off in greater measures than my wildest dreams. I am able to trust the dream. I don’t have to make it happen as I work from peace. I trust the supernatural. God is for me and desires to see me living out of my true identity, in HIM!

My core belief behind this is I know God has set me on a course of providing not only media training but also prophetic coaching. I help Kingdom Messengers, like you, discover your true identity so you can have the resources to be successful in your call.

The problem happens when you dwell or look for evidence in your mind of what does not line up with this belief.

Let me candidly give you an example. I had applied for a part-time social media job recently for a brilliant Kingdom ministry.

I did not get the job. As I read the email I had a choice to make. I could use this as a building block to a negative emotion of “failure”, or I could align my thoughts to my core belief based on what God has said to me. (And, I might add, what my husband has prophetically said to me about being a Kingdom leader carrying the Father’s heart and a leader in the media field.)

My core belief? I know He has equipped me to make a difference in people like you with Kingdom mentoring on identity and Kingdom media for spreading your message.

Here is the catch.

Your mind (soul) is looking for evidence of that which you think you don’t have or can’t do.

What do you do?

Identify the core belief that is opposite of receiving God’s best for you in that area. Many of our false beliefs have created the wrong conclusions from past soul wounds. Your negative thoughts can be what’s triggering the very things you want to receive. Declarations are crucial of what God says.

You can walk in soul health. That means loving yourself and taking care of your self; soaking in many baths in the warm water of what God says (declarations); Immercing your soul wounds with the soothing truth of God’s majestic love for you; Walking in forgiveness always and staying away from offense.

What’s amazing as this inner unity with your spirit and soul becomes a reality, your body aligns with it and healing comes physically, spiritually, and yes emotionally.

The Vinedresser had something to say for you about this…with a declaration.

Declaration: I can trust my life in God’s Hand. Hope and rest are my companions as I take care of my self and align my spirit with my soul. I listen to my spirit and trust it can be lead by Christ’s Spirit. He is within me. I am His garden of delight.

Listen to the Vinedresser

Dear child you can jump off the performance merry-go-around into my loving arms here in this intimate place. Sit down close next to me in this private oasis, deep down the rows of this garden and receive my revelation-secrets that are loaded with promises for you.

I offer a resting place for you to bask in the Son of my luxurious and never fading love.I long for you to come into inner unity of your soul with your spirit. I long to help you restore your emotions and revive your life.

Do not dwell on your failures which rob you of hope and sap the life out of you. Spend time with Me and let me whisper more love secrets and faith filled promises. Let me heal your soul so your can believe completely that I have your life in My Hands.

As you come into this inner unity you with your spirit and your soul, you are set free to dance and live in your true identity. Your spirit is meant to fly in the design I have placed in your very DNA. You are meant to live energized and motivated to soar even higher, not in striving but abiding.

Choose to dwell on what I say about you. I will restore complete soul health so you can be emotionally free. Be real with me Child. Soak your soul wounds in My love for healing. I am for you. Get so lost in love with Me. Experience victory in your true identity in my embrace. So no striving, simply abiding in the Vine.

Love the Vinedresser

This is still your year to see turnaround. This is the HUGE key to walk in it. Your belief system that is powered by the very unity of your soul to your spirit.

Stay abiding..the sweet spot

In the Vine,


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