Turning The Titanic Of Troubles Around

Last week in the middle of the night, I awoke suddenly to the sound of waves, the words of the Holy Spirit and a memory.

Dave was serving and working for a dear cousin at an island in Florida, so I had the blessing of receiving sweet revelation, downloads of words from Holy Spirit on long walks on the beach all week long. I was definitely feeling like a much loved Daughter of the King as this trip was rather sudden and unexpected.

I not only heard His voice often while walking, but also an unusual amount while sleeping. If anyone knows me, they know I have the GIFT to sleep and sleep hard rarely waking up. So, I love it when God does wake me up to speak a strong word….AND helps REMIND ME what He said.beachteequote

This one night I woke up rather abruptly. It came with a distinct word and a memory from years ago that I had totally forgotten about.

First the memory: I was deeply troubled, terribly stressed, and really questioning God about some issues going on in my life quite a few years ago. I felt cold, desperate, and lonely. And then this song came on as I sat in my car wallowing in my fear.  I felt the Lord directly say this to me…from an Amy Grant Song…“It might take a little time now to get back on your ground, takes a little time now TO TURN THE TITANIC BACK AROUND…”

I remember hearing that lyric and this peace enveloped me and invaded the trouble beats of my heart. I felt Him push back my fears instantly. I just knew He WAS GOING TO turn the Titanic of the troubling issues around and I was to simply believe!

So, here I am years later, sound asleep with the sounds of the ocean out the window when I awake not only to this memory but also a realization God answered this cry of my heart. Then the Holy Spirit spoke a word that shook me to the core as I realized He had more than turned the boat around. He brought MORE restoration than I could ever imagined. He said something like this, “Don’t let the pressure of the process keep you from pressing on with My promises.” He told me I needed to share that word….

I had troubles going back to sleep, but I eventually did to the sound of the waves with a very tender and grateful heart from the memory and the truth that God so keeps His promises, He is so much more intentional about loving us through the process for progress than we could ever imagine. We are His much loved Daughter. His much loved Son.

beachwalkI explain more in the video above. I hope you can watch it. I believe there is a word in it for you. Yes, I awoke the very next morning, grabbed my camera and shot my thoughts…..by the sea with the noise of the wind (sorry) and the sound of crashing waves.

I did ask the Holy Spirit if The Vinedresser had a word also. The answer was a resounding yes.

I would love to read your thoughts about both. Please know we will pray for you. God is all about helping you through the process and progress and not expecting you to walk with the chains of perfection and performance.

Get a pen and write this declaration down:

“I can expect God to turn my troubles around. He will help me through the process to progress and His much loved Daughter, much loved Son.”

Listen To The Vinedresser

“Dear child of Mine I see the raging troubles of your heart as you face the high waves of rough seas from your circumstance. More than that, I hear your desperate plea for help. I am here as your mighty stronghold in the day of your raging troubles where you feel you can’t even help yourself right now.

I am here. The pain of the process has a purpose for progress in My Kingdom. Come closer to Me in this quiet place in My garden and let me gently speak My confident hope and breath Holy Spirit Wind of strength to your lifeless sails. I am a safe warm place from the storms and a shadow from the heat of the process of the pressing issues pounding your heart.

Know that I rule the stormy sea and its angry waves. As you cry out in faith, I am at work in your heart. Yes, even if you feel you have no faith at the moment, I can still glide across the out of control waters drowning your hope, no matter how fierce the gale of winds are blowing. It might take a little time, sometimes, but I will turn the titanic of tribulation and trials around. I have you child as you wait for the turn around. The time will be the process to perfect you in your faith in the Vine, in Christ, and you will see progress and restoration.

Now fix your eyes on Me. I am the Author and Perfecter of your faith. I will accomplish what concerns you. Your concerns become My concerns. You can trust in Me. Your times, your life, are in My Hands. I will not drop you dear one. You are My Daughter. You are My Son. I will not forsake the plans and purposes of My laid down lovers. Though you may not see it right now, I am turning it around. If you have fallen, here is My Hand to pick you gently up. No pit is so deep that My Hand can’t reach down and pick you back up with tender mercy and compassionate care. I will never let you go.

So breath. It’s not something you do. You come from a place of victory. It may feel like I’m asleep in the boat but I am not. I have set you apart for a time such as this. So, let me give you the eviction notice to your fears and doubts. Cease striving and rest in the abiding. You have a secure place in My heart, in the Garden.
Love, the Vinedresser
©Listen To The Vinedresser


In The Vine,
Theresa Croft


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