Shift In Your Belief System

I can’t get past the components of this 2017 Word of Turnaround stamped with grace and favor. Not even amidst speed bumps and crashes.

This is how real this word is…(Click here to read that word or listen to the podcast if you missed it.)

I have experienced a few sharp curves already this year and now a real crash, as in a car wreck this past Friday night.

Dave was finishing work driving us home in the work van when a car darted out in front of us. Dave had no chance to avoid the car crying out…”I’m sorry Theresa and JESUS!” We are ok…sore with pains (I broke my toe) but fine. The other young people were ok despite their car being totaled. Strangely enough it was on the exact day four years ago when Dave was t-boned in a terrible car crash.

So when I say this, you can bet I believe this prophetic word:  I waver not in my belief that 2017 Is a Turnaround Year where I will see much of God’s grace and favor.

Go ahead. Why don’t you make that declaration?

It’s the same for you, friend. That’s why I feel so moved by Holy Spirit to break this word down by going into detail with each part.

The basic tenants are so powerful in themselves. Yes, I’m living proof of how they have impacted me already, even amidst this still being the month of January.

Shift In Your Belief System

The first part of this word is so important. It involves a shift in your belief system. This is the year you are going to truly believe what God says about you.

So, as you declare His promises and His Word over yourself, the yes of heaven will sweep through your mind with your yes resulting in you truly walking in that which you believe. (And what does God say?: All His promises are yes and Christ 2 Corinthians 1:20)

This is huge!

The other day as I was folding laundry the Holy Spirit added to this thought of declarations and belief system. It’s this: a major part of this move involves you taking your Kingdom authority over issues, emotions, and lies of the enemy that want to sabotage your identity.

You don’t have to be ruled by what your mind is clattering about or your emotions beating you up with false words concerning you!

Go forward with active faith for this change in your belief system to what God says. This keeps you from performance and striving into abiding.

You can experience an abundant life, regardless of your present circumstances, because you know you are living from heaven, from a place of victory.

As you walk in declarations of who you really are it gets out into the atmosphere. This brings a shift activating your mind to truths from the heart (spirit). God speaks to your heart, not your mind.

So I really see a turnaround for you this year. Let it begin with a change in your beliefs. Then the other two parts of this turnaround word flow from this…. And those other parts are putting an eviction notice to fear and walking out your greatest desires and destiny…THIS YEAR!

You can watch the video above to solidify this continuation message/word for 2017 Turnaround Year stamped with grace and favor!

And please…share with a friend who needs a turnaround word.

In the Vine, in the sweet spot,


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