Tools To Recalibrate To Prophetic Word For 2017
Podcast #44

What good is a word if you are not given some tools to recalibrate to help you walk in that Prophetic Word?

That was my thought one day last week as I sat down with the Holy Spirit in front of a fire and asked Him for some deep revelation.


He is so faithful.

He gave me some tools to recalibrate that I feel line up so well with walking out the prophetic word for 2018 (click here to read that word.)

So…as the fire crackled, my fingers ran quickly on my keyboard typing out some thoughts from material I was reading which, by the way, Holy Spirit said I needed to read.

I found real action steps to my heart to understand walking out this word for myself and with you. Here are some of my thoughts direct from my journal:

As I think of this past year…the highs and lows…the challenges…the joys… I hear God emphasize four things.

All four have been on my heart… and it’s something I know He would like to lead me in as I rest in Him in my spirit identity.

  1.  I want to be intentional in staying present, mentally and emotionally…especially with those closes to me. It also means to stay present with myself and any situation I may be in. I’m learning that staying present helps me have the capacity to walk in better boundaries leading to healthy communication.
    I will not use self protection to keep me from being present. Being disconnected and distracted and distant is not the Kingdom of God.

  2. I will choose reality…meaning I will allow myself to think my thoughts and feel my feelings instead of denying them leading to lost freedom. I’ve read that “our emotions are like a spiritual nervous system.”By allowing myself to actually feel and think the thoughts connected to my emotions will unable me to capture the thoughts that are lies to who I am in Christ and make them obedient to Christ. Denial of these thoughts does not work.I will not translate my emotions as discernment to what OTHER people are feeling, thinking, or doing. This is huge to me and helps me stay connected to my spirit identity and not be derailed.

  3. I will not believe a lie about who I am in Christ. My compass for believing is living in the Kingdom Of God: righteousness, peace and joy. When fear enters I will asses what lie I am believing in and recalibrate to the truth of who I am in Christ.“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of rules about food and drink, but is in the realm of the Holy Spirit, filled with righteousness, peace, and joy.”Romans 14:17 -TPT

  4. I will stay connected to God and His Presence. I will continually engage with Holy Spirit and bring to Him all my thoughts and feelings. The Kingdom of God is in me right where I am, in whatever situation I find myself. I will be intentional about being in His Presence and not hide in self protection. I will continually refresh my mind and heart with who I am in Christ with regular worship, reading the Word and prayer. This will be from a place of rest not striving.

What do you think?

This is the ground work that I’m teaching in my Kingdom Mentor Academy. Walking this out and helping you, one on one, is part of what I’m offering in my new VIP In The Vine Premier Coaching Group.


Because I believe walking in the reality of your biblical belief system will bring a restoration (recalibrating) to your spirit identity and bring the breakthrough you’ve been praying for all these years.

So, again…what do you think?

I believe in you. You have great value to the Kingdom of God. You are meant to live by the hum of your heart from heaven and experience major breakthrough in 2018. You are so important. By your hanging on, investing in yourself for a shift in your belief system, is so impactful for yourself and for others. Someone on the other side of your turnaround is waiting and praying for someone like you to help them!!

Will you invest in yourself to walk out the full manifestation of your destiny, living life by design and not default?

I love you. I will be praying for you. You can contact me for prayers or an application for these groups. Find the tools to recalibrate so you can walk in freedom and true restoration.

IN the Vine,


PS Please share these tools with a friend or loved one. And…thank you for your support.


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