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The Process Which Produces Pressure For Fruit- In The Vine

I sense you may need this “In The Vine” word again to remind you of this promise in the Vine.

Your days have purpose amidst weary days. Yes! From despair to devastation, you can still find purpose! The process can the pressure to produce fruit in your life that someone else needs.

It’s part of a shift. It’s time for the Father’s Heart to be released to you! Someone in the dark is waiting for you to speak this word to them.

I shared a video about this last week with you. You can watch it and read the “Listen To The Vinedresser” by clicking here.

The key to go through this process is fount in this simple thought:

Don’t forget what God has spoken to you amidst the process of life. Hold on to what He said. What He shared in the light will be needed for someone who is in the are the breakthrough

God has this wonderful way of using the pressures of everyday life to bring PROGRESS. He sees you seated with Him, in Christ, as His much loved Son, His much loved daughter. You are His gem.He sees you as a diamond. Maybe you feel like you are in the rough, but He is ready to release you to shine.

God is all about progress, not about constriction nor restraint.

So I encourage you. Remember what God has spoken to you. Hold on to the promises of God. They are “yes and amen” in Christ. And you are in Christ as you have confessed and believed in Him.

So can I share this with you as a way to say…I understand…I’m sorry it can be so painful..But take heart.

Amidst the squeeze and pressure you feel, He is there. His Word says He perfects that which concerns Him (Psalm 138). You concern Him. After all He is the author and perfecter of your faith! (Hebrews 12:2)

The Word says He promises have abundant life attached. He is all about you walking in joy and peace.

So go to the Word and hold on to His promises, His Words He has spoken to you. His promises are “yes and Amen”….Stay faithful and strapped to the Vine.

I believe God is raising up people like you to go from weary days to wonder-filled days, from gorey stories to glory stories.

You are part of the answer for the Kingdom of heaven to be released on the earth.

Stay in the soil of His promises amidst the  process so that you can be that ripe fruit, spilling forth the “sweet wine (juice)”, to bring refreshment and healing every where you go.

One final thought.

9 Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. Galatians 6:9


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