Now You Can Experience Breakthrough In This Simple To Apply Framework To Find “The Place Of Breakthrough”!

Amidst attacks on my health, I went to take a nap a few months ago.

Deep on my heart were the cries for breakthrough I’ve heard and read from you.

I understand how you feel like you are in a dark place amidst the process of life. I’m sorry you feel like you are hitting the same wall that separates you from your hopes and dreams.

I understand you have been crying out for breakthrough for years. It may be for finances, a dream, a relationship, or a wayward child. You know the promises of God are yes and amen, but you feel still feel stuck.1bednonames

So with thoughts to God to help me find His wisdom for breakthrough, I laid my worn out body on the bed.

Instantly Holy Spirit started downloading a framework for breakthrough. I remember thinking..”This is real good God. Will you help me remember this when I wake up?”

The next day I had to lay down again to rest and God brought even more clarification to this word.

It was so specific and so simple to follow without feeling like you are striving or having to jump through steps. It could be integrated into any lifestyle and any problem where you need breakthrough.

pictures from videoI thought I’d test the steps out with a couple of dear friends….just to be sure. From that meeting, I received a word picture for this plan… It was the parts of a bed. 

Yes, it’s rather ironic that this word came to me while resting on a bed. But it makes so much sense months later… The Place of Breakthrough correlates with the framework of a bed!

So I went to my makeshift studio and produced six videos that explain each part of bed that summed up…the place you can begin to experience breakthrough.

The testimonies of how simple this is to experience have motivated me to get this series out to more people like you.

Testimonies Of The Video Series:  “The Place Of Breakthrough”:

“Thank you so much for making The Place Of Breakthrough Videos! I needed reminding to get into the place of rest and trust in Him! I have been pregnant with several promises for 15 years now, and know that the only way to give birth to them is by staying in the place of rest and complete trust. So thank you Theresa, for these very important, on time, life changing videos!!!” Melody


I always love your teaching Theresa. This video series give me hope no matter what I may face.I hope you can come to my church to speak soon. Camille


“You want breakthrough in an area of your life. You are focusing on this one thing that you really want. But when you learn these tools it’s applicable for every area of your life. This process is mandatory, as this is where the Lord changes, transforms us into the person we are becoming, in order to bring forth the promises he has placed in us.”
“I really don’t know if you can possibly realize how specific and precise the words that Holy Spirit gives you have been for me throughout this past year. The timing is also quite incredible. I have started the series and am just loving it. I really need to digest and ponder over them.” Louise

Your Invitation To Find The Place Of Breakthrough For Your Life 

So I invite you to my kitchen table. Get a cup of coffee and let’s talk. I want to share this easy to follow plan for your breakthrough. I hear you cry out that you feel pressed by the process. I hear you say you are trying to make sense amidst the crush. 

I understand the pain and anguish these issues can bring. May I remind you that God is not trying to wipe you out. In the midst of the process He has progress. 

No performance from you. No hoops to jump through. 

Let me share with you about how God is all for you and He can release you to your breakthrough as you learn to abide in Him.

Click Below To Begin To Discover You Can Have Breakthrough Without Striving! It’s The Place Of Breakthrough


Included in this Video Series are AUDIOS for each video so you can download them to your smart phone or I-pad. In addition, be looking for bonuses, such as the Audio Special “Listen To The Vinedresser”, and other videos.

All proceeds will go to the publishing of my new devotional: “Listen To The Vinedresser – 31 Declarations Of Who You Are in the Vine”

About The Author of This Video Series

teeprofileTheresa Croft is a revivalist. She is creator of the #inthevine and “Listen To The Vinedresser” Movement. She excels as a Social Media Influencer, Author, and Life Speaker. You can view the heart behind this media messenger by going to her Facebook page or being a part of her ezine family with weekly messages of hope and Kingdom life. She is dedicated to spread the “no strive, abide in the Vine” message through media and speaking events.


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