Last Tuesday was my 20th wedding anniversary. Guess what? I’m still in celebration mode as my husband has surprised me with a 20 day for a 20 year wedding celebration trip.20heading

Currently we are celebrating with friends that have quickly become “lifer” family.

So in this bliss mode of happiness, I want to extend the discount for my latest video series called, “The Place of Breakthrough”! Click here to learn more.

So I invite you to my kitchen table. Get a cup of coffee (tea) and let’s talk.

I have heard your cries and read so many prayer requests of your need for breakthrough. I am sorry the deep ache seems like it will never end. You see others get breakthroughs and wonder if God has forgotten you.

I totally understand the place in the process that seems to want to break you.

In the mode of no strive, no performance, I believe you can have a foundation where breakthrough becomes the norm for you, no matter how turbulent the tide of your life issues are now.

So, I desire to share this easy to follow plan that starts with your heart. You become the breakthrough!

I understand the pain and anguish these issues can bring. May I remind you that God is not trying to wipe you out. In the midst of the process He has progress.

Once again, I remind you there is no performance from you. No hoops to jump through.

melissaListen what Melissa had to say about this series: 

“You want breakthrough in an area of your life. You are focusing on this one thing that you really want. But when you learn these tools it’s applicable for every area of your life. This process is mandatory, as this is where the Lord changes, transforms us into the person we are becoming, in order to bring forth the promises he has placed in us.”

Let me share with you about how God is all for you and He can release you to your breakthrough as you learn to abide in Him. Click here to learn more!

Declaration:  My Father is all about my dreams and bringing me to the place of breakthrough…inside me!

Listen To The Vinedresser:

“Come here child to the place of breakthrough inside My garden. Consume My love. Let’s dance together in worship. This is where My lovers dream and get filled with sweet revelation wine. To move in this motion you have to release the burdens that are slowing you down. Come My lover and be embraced now by the rhythm of My grace.

“No matter your age, I will release you into your Kingdom assignment with My mark of excellence. Watch for Me to drop more extraordinary wisdom to explode the creativity that I put in your DNA. Witty ideas and extraordinary solutions to pains of the world will bring resources. You will have the finances to continue bringing heaven’s ideas to earth as you display the favor of the Kingdom in the marketplace. Stand always in integrity displaying My intentionality for truth. Take care of yourself Child. Rest often in the field of My love and tender affection. Trust Me. I am the One behind the fulfillment of your dream for the Kingdom.

“Watch for the fruit. Watch what I do to bloom in you more of My Presence. Do you see what is happening? You are that Vineyard displaying My Kingdom with the smell of harvest! As you consistently tend to the garden of My love in your heart, everywhere you go you bring the sweet smelling fragrance of My Kingdom. Every place I lead you others will breathe in the exquisite aroma.

“So understand My dear beloved, as I grafted you into the Vine, Christ in you is the Vineyard. Contend and maintain your heart relationship with Me. Don’t allow the foxes of religion, and weeds of fear mess up the garden of your love for me. Watch what I do in your life. You will be My hands and My voice to speak healing as creative miracles will be the norm. Others will feed off the fruit of your Vineyard and be released to their true identity in Me. Walk where I lead with no striving. Simply be found abiding in The Vine, in the garden, in the place of breakthrough!

Love the Vinedresser

I will continue to pray for you.

In The Vine,


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