My Declaration For You-2017-Going To Be A Great Year
Podcast #14

My declaration for you? I am so thankful for you and I declare 2017 to be the year your breakthroughs and dreams come true. From family to finances, to marriages to children, God is going to shift things in your life.  It’s a year of connections that line up with your destiny. It’s a year of walking in your spirit identity as He directs your healthy soul and body. 2017 is going to be a great year for you!

daveteebeachThese declarations all made me think of a video I shot a video a year ago when I looked into my iphone camera and made a simple, yet powerful declaration:

2016 is going to be a great year!

And I can testify that this year has been one of the most rewarding years in my life. 

Declarations. They are so powerful. I’m learning anew how your emotions line up with what you believe. Declarations put you on the healthy fast track to walking in your true spirit identity which drives your soul and body correctly. Why be driven by fear or anxiety when you can tap into the heart of the Father with your spirit.

Declarations with thanksgiving is the beginning place to line up your emotions to follow what you believe!

It almost seems so simple yet so difficult to do at times.

God gives you a gift of relationship with Him. When you thank Him, you are set on a journey to know God in a more intimate relationship. You discover His kind intentions for you. You come to understand The Father’s Heart where He desires to give you every good and perfect gift.

God is intentional for progress through the pressures of the process in your life. Because of that you can be sure He will come through for you. Better yet, He can bring justice to your situation as you continue to focus on Him.

When you add declarations to thanksgiving, it sets the stage for the atmosphere around you to change.

Here’s the key. Thanksgiving with declarations gives you, His much loved Son, His much loved Daughter audience with the King! Thanksgiving releases the strength of Heaven into your circumstances.

So say it.

Declaration:   I thank God and declare that 2017 is going to be a GREAT year of breakthrough and dreams coming true for me.

Listen To The Vinedresser

Dear child, I hear you crying for breakthrough. You are tired of your circumstances and pressures that are taking you out for the count. I hear you plead for help. Your complaints have hit my ears. Listen. I have a weapon I am going to give you that you can carry at all times. Think it not strange that this sounds so easy, yet seems so difficult for you to walk out.

The weapon lies in what you speak and declare. Can you offer up a sacrifice of praise even if your life seems to be in a downward spiral. Contend my dear one. I have put My Spirit in you to win this battle. I draw near to you as you draw near to Me. From this intimate relationship you have this tool to destroy the attacks on your back. When you give Me thanks you usher in an atmosphere where the small becomes great. You tap into my heart and disarm the enemy. When you make a declaration, all of heaven’s army stands activates to move on  your behalf.

Give thanks. Offer up praise. Declare My Word.  Even if it is a sacrifice. Imagine how pleased I am to see you put your humble heart on the altar. How sweet that aroma is to Me. This is the beginning of your breakthrough. Don’t try to figure all this out with your mind. I love to slap righteousness on what the world calls ridiculous!

I love you Child. I am always moving amidst the process for your benefit. Now take your hands off the thing that wants to strangle your hope and believe in Me and My promises. I give you every good and perfect gift. I desire to see you prosper and succeed. Declare it! Enter in now. No strive. Abide in the Vine.

Love the Vinedresser

Give thanks.  Ask a friend to join you and make some declarations over your life, your family, and yes, this coming year.

Tell me how this has helped you. I love to read your comments here and in e-mail.

In The Sweet Spot, In the Vine


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Thank you for the many testimonies that you send me. I am thanful!

Your ministry means so much to me! It’s like hearing God speak directly speak into my life situation exactly! Thank you for being a willing vessel! I needed to hear those words you have recently posted so much! Going through a really tough time and haven’t heard specific direction from the Lord. Feel like I’m in between a rock and hard place and you minister on point! Thank you! God bless you! —Anne

Absolutely brilliant, spot on word. Kingdom truth and revelation straight from His throne room, His heart! Thank you Theresa!!–Isy

I have never ever needed anything more than this in my life. It grabbed my soul from the first line You spoke. Thank You Father. …. This feels like the spinach I needed for my spirit to continue on in this battle You’ve assigned me. I know I’ve said it a million times before but. ……..I LOVE YOU DEARLY and thank You sincerely. From the depths of my being. Muah Thank you too Miss Theresa for allowing Him to speak and for being such an awesome daughter and example for me and us all. God bless you.–Christeen

Incredible message and an incredible author. She is the real deal who’s like reflects what she has written. She has truly captured the heart of Christ and is His faithful servant. Everyone needs to read this book!!
Amazon Customer

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