What is one weapon that helps you tap into the heart of God while at the same time defeats debilitating circumstances in your life?


It almost seems so simple yet so difficult to do at times.

But as I study and allow the Holy Spirit to direct me, the truth of thanksgiving comes to light.

For one, thanksgiving carries an attitude of honor and humility.

God gives you a gift of relationship with Him. When you thank Him, you are set on a journey to know God in a more intimate relationship. You discover His kind intentions for you. You come to understand The Father’s Heart where He desires to give you every good and perfect gift.

I hear you thinking.. “But what about all this “crap” I’m facing. (If that word offends sorry. This is what I hear).

God did not cause the difficult circumstances that have crashed on you. He can help you walk in victory through it. This is where thanksgiving is a weapon to disarm the enemy and you tap into the heart of God.

“We don’t engage battle by focusing on the devil. We keep our focus on the King and His Kingdom, and the devil cannot help but be unseated by God’s ever-increasing government released through our lives.”
Bill Johnson

God is intentional for progress through the pressures of the process in your life. Because of that you can be sure He will come through for you. Better yet, He can bring justice to your situation as you continue to focus on Him.

“But I will give all my thanks to you, Lord,
for you make everything right in the end.
I will sing my highest praise to the God of the Highest Place!”
Psalm 7:17 TPT

kidsI am being reminded in my own current situation to thank Him. I see how as I offer thanksgiving even amidst an adverse situation, this can be my sacrifice to Him. It’s like I lay my heart on the altar saying, “I trust you Lord. So I will offer up a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.”

This sets the stage for the atmosphere around me to change. I go from focusing on my problem to looking to God to handle the issue. This helps me stay aware of His Presence and His promises for my life. It also can supernaturally change my problem.

Thanksgiving sanctifies, brings His judgement, and keeps you in the center of what God is doing. Thanksgiving helps you to focus on Him so that you shift your awareness from the reality of your circumstances to heaven’s reality.

Here’s the key. Thanksgiving gives you, His much loved Son, His much loved Daughter audience with the King! Thanksgiving releases the strength of Heaven into your circumstances.

So will you use this gift to thank Him?

Declaration:  Thank you for allowing me know you in relationship.  I thank God for His love and commitment to me in every situation (name your specific situation) I face. You are bringing me through and arming me with a testimony of your faithfulness in my life.

Listen To The Vinedresser

Dear child, I hear you crying for breakthrough. You are tired of your circumstances and pressures that are taking you out for the count. I hear you plead for help. Your complaints have hit my ears. Listen. I have a weapon I am going to give you that you can carry at all times. Think it not strange that this sounds so easy, yet seems so difficult for you to walk out.

The weapon lies in what you speak. Can you offer up a sacrifice of praise even if your life seems to be in a downward spiral. Contend my dear one. I have put My Spirit in you to win this battle. I draw near to you as you draw near to Me. From this intimate relationship you have this tool to destroy the attacks on your back. When you give Me thanks you usher in an atmosphere where the small becomes great. You tap into my heart and disarm the enemy.

Give thanks. Offer up praise. Even if it is a sacrifice. Imagine how pleased I am to see you put your humble heart on the altar. How sweet that aroma is to Me. This is the beginning of your breakthrough. Don’t try to figure all this out with your mind. I love to slap righteousness on what the world calls ridiculous!

I love you Child. I am always moving amidst the process for your benefit. Now take your hands off the thing that wants to strangle your hope and believe in Me and My promises. I give you every good and perfect gift. I desire to see you prosper and succeed. Enter in now. No strive. Abide in the Vine.

Love the Vinedresser

I love how the Holy Spirit pointed out:  “This is the beginning of your breakthrough.” As you probably know, I have breakthrough on my heart for you. 

Give thanks friend. Tell me how this has helped you. I love to read your comments here and in e-mail.

In The Vine,


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