Discover How To Live In The Sweet Spot, In The Vine, By Design

Does living in the sweet spot mean you are living on the beach, or in some remote cabin in the woods?

Maybe that is simply where you would like to be now.

I understand you are tired with the constant barrage of bills needing to be paid, relationships hitting the rocks, or your body crashing with pain. I am sorry that you are falling on some treacherous times with chaotic emotions.

I do believe amidst the battle you can find a “sweet spot” of living your life by design, not default, in the Vine.

I have not one, but a four keys to share to help you!Keys To In The Vine final

This study of being in the Vine started almost five years ago in the mountains as God was speaking to me about being in the Vine and being in the sweet spot of divine destiny. It was here that I began listening to the Vinedresser of my life and writing out “Listen To The Vinedresser” words.

During this time, the Holy Spirit laid out these four steps with the acronym V – I – N – E.  As the years have gone by, the Holy Spirit brought even more depth in my relationship to add to these four keys.

So…from the mountains to five years later on a beach, I attempt to share candidly about living in the sweet spot with four keys…

V – I – N – E

Being in the sweet spot in not about a place really, but about a position of your heart. As you learn your identity in Him as a much loved Daughter, a much loved Son, you realize that you can be in the sweet spot no matter WHAT is going on around you.

Would you like to experience that now instead of waiting? Do you believe that Jesus said He promised you abundant life…right now? This is not a performance act. This is not jumping through hoops A through D. This is about understanding being in the sweet spot is really about who you are…in the Vine!

I believe like never before God is raising up people like you to truly be in the sweet spot.
Learn how you can live from a place of victory, saying no to fear, as you move forward. Discover the breakthroughs you will experience as you learn to abide, not strive, and walk daily in the Sweet Spot.

You are in YOUR SEASON…It’s HIS HAND that is on your life. Will you let go and let God… help you live in the Vine.

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As I finished preparing this series for you, the Vinedresser spoke to my heart.

Listen To The Vinedresser

My child, I hear your cries above the noise of your rattling emotions and treacherous circumstances.
No matter where you are in your life, you can always find a home in My Heart, in this garden. In here you can be found in My glory, no matter how feeble and overwhelmed you may feel.

For in My Vineyard is the only true sweet spot in life. I am your shelter, your safe place. You can always hide your heart in My splendor shadow full of Holy Spirit dew. You are My beloved. I take good care of lovers of My Presence.

In this sweet spot you reign with abundance of joy and protection. You live in habitation being well taken care of by My supply of unending, unfailing love. Your praise from this spot attracts all my grace and favor. Being in the sweet spot is more of a position of being constantly aware of the Vineyard I planted in your heart.

So you have the opportunity to share this paradise love gift that I placed in your heart every day with others. Forgive. Trust Me. Daily in the sweet spot, in My Presence, you can put away the foxes of fear and the ox of offense that wants to destroy your garden. You can live above the fray of evil around you knowing your heart is secure in My wrap-around presence.

So dear child. My Vineyard is in you!. Abide. No performance, no strive. It really is who you are…in the Vine.

Love the Vinedresser

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