The Stretch Is The Test In The Vine

The stretch is the test. This often refers to a test that comes down to what or who you will trust in the midst of a difficult situation. I sense from you that you are really feeling stretched in so many areas…in your finances, your marriage, your relationships, your body, your mind…..

Look as the stretch as a good thing friend. Think of how important it is for your body to stretch before you jog, lift weights, or even walk. You are preparing your body for more. 

I looked up the definition of stretch. Although there were a number of different definitions, this one caught my eye:

“(of something soft or elastic) be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.”

This stretch is not to break you. As you trust God, He is making you able to handle more of His goodness, mercy, wisdom, and love.

So Holy Spirit whispered a few of His thoughts on the stretch. Ready?

Listen to the Vinedresser

“You can handle this stretch my child. I built into your very DNA the ability to hold on with tenacious faith to believe in who you are in the Vine. Just as an Olympic champion continues to train year in and year out, you are My champion designed for a divine purpose to win. I will not hold back my tender mercies amidst this grueling process. I will fill you with joy for the journey and unfailing love along the narrow road. Yes, even amidst a rigorous route to My purpose, you can find gladness.

Be confident that nothing you do for Me is a waste of time or effort. Keep your eyes open, My Child, and steadfast on Me. Hold tight to the Vine. Give it all you got. Be resolute. Love without ceasing. Every stretch makes room for more of My endless love and a deeper intimacy with Me. Train hard. The gold I give you will not tarnish like a medal an athlete strives for. You will then realize that the stretch was necessary to actually cross the finish line. Stretch! I am your finish line. Trust Me to bring the victory as you cling to the Vine!
Love The Vinedresser

So. Get ready. Get set. Stretch! God sees you as one who can be trusted with the more of Him from resources to His tender love.



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