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So many people are longing to hear the voice of God without any religion or tradition attached to it. They want to hear an intimate and personal expression from their Heavenly Father that speaks to their purpose in life. They need to be reminded that they are known and loved by God. As a result, when they hear a word from His heart that resounds with their own heart and spirit, they feel known and loved by Him. The purpose of this book is to compile a 31 day devotional of Words from the Vinedresser, based on John 15, with Jesus being the Vine, and God the Vinedresser over the garden. Each day a subject is touched on, followed by a declaration, and a Word from the Vinedresser. The main theme is helping readers learn to not strive but abide in the Vine.

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I invite you to my kitchen table for this special video series, The Place Of Breakthrough. Get a cup of coffee and let’s talk. I want to share this easy to follow plan for your breakthrough. I hear you cry out that you feel pressed by the process. I hear you say you are trying to make sense amidst the crush. 

I understand the pain and anguish these issues can bring. May I remind you that God is not trying to wipe you out. In the midst of the process He has progress. 

No performance from you. No hoops to jump through. And NO striving.

Let me share with you about how God is all for you and He can release you to your breakthrough as you learn to abide in Him.
Watch at your leisure. This teaching series has been recorded for you to watch and re-watch. Includes audios to download to your smart phone and a Teaching Workbook!

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A Prophetic Audio Bringing Breakthrough….So You Can Live In The Vine, In The Sweet Spot…Listen To Your Vinedresser!  

You can listen to the Vinedresser, the caretaker of your heart and be reminded of His promises over your life. You are meant to live in the Vine, by design, in the sweet spot of your destiny. You are a son or daughter of the King. You are meant to reign in life. A big part of this involves listening to the caretaker of your heart, the Vinedresser, and remembering what HE says about you.

This is not a name it and claim it approach. Rather, this is reclaiming the promises of who God says about you in His Word. You are His treasure, His child, His concern and He wants to share His promises with you! 

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The sales of these products help continue His quest in my life to be an influencer of His hope through social media and as an author. Thank you for believing in me by purchasing these products.

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Next Book?  The Place Of Breakthrough: Six Steps For You To Carry The Breaker Anointing

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