Staying Grateful!

I was dusting and cleaning this morning and thinking about you. No, I was not depressed. (I used to dust and clean when I was feeling down).

We have church on Saturday right now so I was cleaning and doing laundry. I’m amazed at how Holy Spirit whispers His thoughts to me when I do this. Dave and I had spent the morning in worship and listening to some past prophetic words we had recorded on our I-phones. One in particular that shook me was one for Dave almost a year ago. I also ask for a prophetic word from my friends as a birthday present so I had some fresh words to listen to and think.

All this reminded me of this powerful key to stay in the sweet spot of abiding in Him:  Staying grateful. Being thankful.

I told my mom that last week as she was getting sad that I was leaving (Seattle) after so much fun, celebration, and family time.

I simply said to her..”Mom, stay grateful. Don’t wish for Tuesday again (when I came). Keep looking forward and be grateful.

As I continue on with my “birthday week” (yes, I said week. We celebrate the whole week) I had lots to be grateful for and be so in awe of God.

Staying Grateful Birthday Thoughts:

Birthdays. We celebrate the whole week for birthdays. So I have the whole week to ponder the gift of life. I feel the most peaceful in this time of my life. Hearing Holy Spirit speak, writing what He says and sharing time with true friends are my joys…..Also walking in peace with Dave, staying in our lane as Kingdom Messengers bringing His fire. We get to see relationships restored, lives changed, and miracles happen.

Not in an overdramatic show off way, but simply by being intentional speaking life to everyone we meet day in day out! I love my family. I love my children.

staying grateful

I have amazing friends. I walk with a good good father. My Poppa loves me!

Some pray for a nation to take, such as Africa or Europe. God told me it was ok to take Social Media as my vineyard to represent the Father’s Heart! Thank you for allowing to share. (Instagram and Facebook)

So, a simple word for you this week as you may be around family and friends on Memorial Day. Keep looking forward staying grateful.

I wrote a Vinedresser word about this and thought this was a great time to share it.
LISTEN To The Vinedresser

Dear child, I hear you crying for breakthrough. You are tired of your circumstances and pressures that are taking you out for the count. I hear you plead for help. Your complaints have hit my ears. Listen. I have a weapon I am going to give you that you can carry at all times. Think it not strange that this sounds so easy, yet seems so difficult for you to walk out.

“The weapon lies in what you speak. Can you offer up a sacrifice of praise even if your life seems to be in a downward spiral. Contend my dear one. I have put My Spirit in you to win this battle.

“I draw near to you as you draw near to Me. From this intimate relationship you have this tool to destroy the attacks on your back. When you give Me thanks you usher in an atmosphere where the small becomes great. You tap into my heart and disarm the enemy.

“Give thanks. Offer up praise. Even if it is a sacrifice. Imagine how pleased I am to see you put your humble heart on the altar. How sweet that aroma is to Me.

“This is the beginning of your breakthrough. Don’t try to figure all this out with your mind. I love to slap righteousness on what the world calls ridiculous!

“I love you Child. I am always moving amidst the process for your benefit. Now take your hands off the thing that wants to strangle your hope and believe in Me and My promises. I give you every good and perfect gift. I desire to see you prosper and succeed. Enter in now. No strive. Abide in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

Devotional available on iBooks and Amazon

Stay abiding…in the sweet spot…

In The Vine,


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