The Spirit Identity Video Series is the blueprint for where destiny success happens.   Discover four steps to walking in your spirit identity, shifting atmospheres, and giving you the capacity to live the life He designed for you The Vine….IN THE SWEET SPOT!

The Spirit Identity Package Available Now

“You are a spirit being having a human experience.”

That comment from my husband has wrecked me for the ordinary and set me on a journey of truly understanding what it means to live from my spirit and not my human experiences.

I have learned not to let the circumstances or trials keep me in misery or keep me from my true destiny.

So I ask:

Are you tired of being engulfed with fear that leaves you stuck.  Do you get frustrated by delays in your dreams? Do you feel caught in a web of mental and emotional stress that drags you down…. and overwhelms you?

I’m sorry this has left you in tears at times and in total frustration.

I understand feeling that drive to go forward to what you know God put into your DNA, only to stumble with circumstances that submerge you in doubt and becomes a barrier wall.  I know what it like to feel caught between the now and the not yet. 

As I have spent countless hours in the Word and listening to the Holy Spirit I have found some keys to truly live in the sweet spot. 
I believe now is your time. . He’s handing out keys and your are destined to receive.

I am confident this is the year for favor to arise for you. You are being called out from a hidden place to walk fully into your destiny from your spirit identity.

This is what Holy Spirit said to me in this pursuit of being spirit driven:

“You can push back the anxiety you feel by pressing into my Presence. The press comes as you shift your MIND and activate your Spirit to hear from ME. It’s a spirit-identity shift. You can ask Me for more….. what ever you need…healing, peace, finances, connections. I delight to take good care of My children.”

Includes Four Videos, Four Audios, and E-book Manual

In this Special Video Series I will share step by step of how you can be sensitive to to the spirit and activate His presence in your life.

You will learn:

  • How to see with your spirit eyes, from the heart.
  • The keys to being spirit driven and not moved by fear.
  • How to avoid a victim mentality;
  • The process of seeing yourself carrying the very Presence of God as He emanates His love, peace and favor everywhere you go.
  • You are able to pull from heaven and change the atmosphere where ever you go.
  • How walking in your spirit identity comes from His Presence, not in a striving mode.

As you learn to walk this way, being more sensitive to your spirit, you can begin to understand you are in Christ, living in a place of habitation. You are seated with Him at God’s right Hand. As you learn how to continue to abide in Him, you can experience a total overhaul of your identity of who you really are.

You have tasted of His anointing and you want more of His Presence. 

Are you ready….

For light to shine on you?  For help to forgive others as well as yourself?

Are you ready to really know that you really can hear His voice?

It’s time for you…to be the hero of your family bringing hope for restoration.

It’s time for you to be spirit driven in the path to success in your calling.

It’s time for you to have the capacity to taste the sweetness of your destiny.

Are you ready?

You can save time and learn now how to be filled with joy as you walk in abundance of connections, wealth, and hope. This is a simple to follow solution  to truly live by His divine design in your destiny.

You are a spirit being meant to be ruled by your spirit and not your human experience!

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 Includes Audios and E-book Manual With The Videos

Access To All Five Videos for ($79.97) $29.97 

spirit identity



Access To All Five Videos, Audios And E-Book Manual for $29.97

(Save $50 For a Limited Time)


This series is made up of FIVE videos and AUDIOS with e-book Manual that you can watch and listen to online at the link we proide. They can be download on to your computer or smart phone. This series is the beginning point of our Kingdom Mentor/Media Academy. If you want more information on this private training group, click here. For questions please contact us here at iKings Media.

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