Chapped Lips And A Word From The Vinedresser
With Podcast #39

I have dealt with very chapped lips the past few weeks. I woke up one morning feeling like the lower lip was laser burned.

As I did a google search to find a remedy (raw coconut oil was the best), I asked the Lord the physical manifestation of something spiritual coming out of my life.

What words have I spoken out of my own fear or hurt? How have I betrayed trust by what I might have said?

Tough questions, for sure.

So I continue on in my journey soaking in the Song of Songs. Instantly I found truths to what I was praying.

The first thing that I did was ask the Lord for forgiveness.  I find my words can be the most cutting with those who I live with in my home. I don’t want this to be. I want my family to get the first fruit coming from my lips with words of mercy, grace, and love. I desire my words to be an oasis of clean fresh water to wash their wounds and speak life over their issues. I desire to be the calm amidst a heart storm.

Makes sense but I had this thought for you.

What if YOU are the one enduring cutting words from those around you? How do you make sense from words that spew out drama and trauma leaving your heart feeling like it’s shred into pieces?

I’m sorry for the intense wounding this can bring. It is challenging but I believe you can be the one to look into HIS eyes of love which produces a sweetness out of your mouth. From the travail of your heart, comes the wisdom to be a buffer of grace from the drama of the trauma in words for yourself and those close around you.

I asked the Vinedresser to help speak to you about this. This is what HE said with a declaration.

Declaration: My lips shall praise Him. I walk in purity as I speak this truth: I know my Lover is mine, and I have everything in HIM, for we delight ourselves in each other.

Listen To The Vinedresser

“I’m looking into your eyes dear lover of Mine. As we enter this intimate place in My Vineyard, My love soaks the wear and tear of your bruised heart. Allow Me to be a banner of healing over you as I gently take the arrows out, and soak your brutal bruises in My warm liquid love.

“Now hide yourself deep down in this garden where you can hear only My voice. The cooing of the doves and the fragrance of daisies are whispering intimate words of My love, faithfulness, and grace over your life. Rest here in the cleft of this row in My Vineyard as I speak gently with mercy how you can grow in deeper devotion with Me.

“So dear one, I’m calling you to arise from your performance in self and break off the chains of introspection that brings distance from Me. We can do this together as we catch the foxes of fear that hinder our relationship. Fear that spews out in words that are laser sharp which wounds hearts, yours and others around you.

“Do this for Me, my Beloved.

“Listen to this! My love does not cease even amidst your process of walking in My ways. I do not see a child tripping and falling. I see a much loved son learning to walk in His true identity. I do not see a dear daughter clamoring for attention. I see a much loved daughter attending to her heart for purity.

“You are everything My Son died for to make you Mine.

“I hear you! I am attentive to your cries for help. Do you know your voice is sweet and pleasing to Me? Your prayers are a magnificent sound in My ears. Your loving words to Me are sweeter than honey. Your intercession is a wonderful note of music.

“So say this dear lover of Mine!

“‘I know my Lover is mine, and I have everything in you, for we delight ourselves in each other.’

“Yes! That is the truth for you to walk confidently forward in your journey. I will continue to travel close with you in this Vineyard, feeding you more deep things of My heart so you can walk in pureness in words and action.

“You are my lover. I give you everything as we delight in each other…In this garden of no striving, simply abiding…in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

Amazing what chapped lips will reveal. (chuckle) Thank you for your prayers as I continue the process of publishing Volume 2 Of Listen To The Vinedresser. Your comments and feedback is tremendous and I read every one.

Stay abiding in the process.

In the Vine,



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