Thank You For Your Prayers

As I stay inside the past week, my heart is humbled with your prayers and email of support concerning my request for prayer before speaking this past Monday at Bethel Atlanta School. (BASSM)

The video above is my testimony and your answer to my prayer.

Thank you.

I will say I experienced a close call to tragedy the next day.

My husband was getting this huge concrete cutter out of his van (with no help from me). He ended up falling flat on his face. He’s ok. But the reality of a concussion and the close call to losing my husband to a head injury really makes you come to grips with what really matters in life.

So, with staying close to his side as he heals, and then a freak snow encounter, I have had lots of time to pray and thank God.

Here is some thoughts I shared on my INSTAGRAM story line:

A snowy day…Instead of out making snowman’s or throwing snow balls, I prefer a hot cup of coffee and time with thoughts of gratitude to the background of worship music.

A friend made this “Christmas Story” hanging wreath. It says it all… Jesus. Hope. Miracles. It is a delicate gift from a precious heart. She took great time over this difficult and tedious project.

It makes me grateful for the gift of friends who become family. Snowed in to think…and be so very thankful that God always gives great gifts wrapped with His tender mercy and grace. He is a good good Father.

So thank you. I hope you can watch the video above. It’s a declaration over your life: “You Are A Revivalist”

IN the Vine,


PS Feel free to share or leave your comments. Your emails bless me so much.

PSS. Guess what? Volume 2 is finished and published. I’m waiting for the book proofing but it is available in Kindle and by the end of the week will be available in paperback. Thanks for your prayers. This will make a great Christmas present. All proceeds help me continue to be HIS Media Messenger online. Click here for Volume 1 and 2!

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