Simple Thoughts Of Great Grace
With Podcast #42

I share a Vinedresser word I wrote a year ago in the video above. Simple thoughts of great grace is really on my heart this Christmas.

What do I mean?

Well, it comes down to that hum of heaven that you can experience no matter WHAT is going on around you. You may be in turmoil, your family may be torn, your life may seem like it’s in destiny delay, yet…..

You can stand and praise.

You can worship Him.

You can bow and abide in Him.

You can hear the hum of heaven in the quiet moments of your heart.

Meredith Thomas, Revival Pastor And Worship Leader

I’ve been getting wrecked by a song that a dear friend sang and introduced me to: Defender by Rita Springer. These lyrics say it all in regards to being held in the grip of grace:

“You knew where I lost me
You knew where I left me
You reintroduced me to Your love
You picked up all my pieces
Put me back together
You are the Defender of my heart.”
Rita Springer- Defender-

Here’s a Word from the Vinedresser that I pray makes your heart hum with assurance no matter the crash He can put the pieces back together. You are held in the grip of grace!

“Listen To The Vinedresser

“Dear child. I love you. I will continue to give you each day with more presents containing My Presence. Don’t fret. I won’t drop your heart’s desires or destiny dreams. I hold you close to My Heart, in the grip of grace.

“I see you as flawless in My eyes. You have access to My marvelous kindness and radiant love. My Heart burst with joy every time you draw near to me. You make my heart skip a beat.

“Don’t think I have forgotten your heart’s plea for restoration in your family, your finances, even your faith. I have all the pieces and will put them beautifully together leaving you a legacy that has extended from your intimacy with you.

“Even as you experience troubles and pressures, know that I am working in you patient endurance. Your character will be refined like gold. Hope will be restored as you continue to experience my never ending love that washes over you through the Holy Spirit.

“I am not into disappointing fantasy. I am all about your destiny. I am into you. You are into Me. And we will dance for all eternity.

“Merry Christmas and love the Vinedresser

Excerpt From: Theresa M. Croft. “Listen To The Vinedresser Volume 2 on iBooks and Amazon

I suggest you go find that video and let Jesus sing over you…. (or click on the video above as a dear friend sings this lyric).

Stay abiding amidst the proces..

In the Vine and….

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


PS Feel free to share your thoughts or this video with someone who needs this reminder of simple thoughts with great grace.

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