resting in the vine

Simple Rest In His Presence


I don’t really like them. I don’t like to be delayed at the airport. I certainly do not like a delay on the interstate.
And obviously no one likes to be delayed in their destiny.
But could this be part of God doing some deep work inside your heart?

I believe so.

You are born for something that’s on the other side of an opposition or challenge. It’s who you are in the incubator of His Presence.
For one, God wants you to learn to rest in Him. In this place, healing comes to your body. You learn to lay your burdens down and find a peace in His Presence knowing you are NOT alone. 
What delays are you feeling friend? What deep waters do you feel you are in? Could you believe that you can find HIM in this place?
Let me share a different kind of word from the Vinedresser that you may need today.

The bottom line is He trusts you in this place.

So here is the In the Vine Word for today. I had spoke this prophetic word to a young man at church Sunday during worship. Days later, God brought that word back to me as  I was hanging out in Isaiah Chapter 43. I was praying and processing some issues in my own life. I believe you can relate to being anxious or fearful. God spoke THE word again to me, and He told me to share it with you. Ready?

“You do not have to be afraid. I have bought you with a price. I have called you by name. You are mine. Even if the water around you is cold and dark, I am still here. Do you trust Me to drop you deep down into the well of My Presence, My pleasure? I have the rope and I will not drop you. Where I take you the water is sweet and refreshing. If you try to climb the rope back up the well, the water will be bitter. So do not press and strain. I am taking you to a deep place in the well of My Heart. 

“I trust you with this process. Few are patient enough to be dropped to this level of intimacy. It may seem cold, damp, and lifeless. It is not. You will learn that My Presence is here  to warm your heart with My peace, to bring light and hope amidst the waiting. I have not forgotten you. Nothing will compare to what I am going to do. I am doing something new and it’s beginning to happen. You will find a refreshment that will spill out to others. I trust you with this pure water, this message. As I refresh you, I cause you to refresh others with words of life. Hold on now child. The sound of the drip in the deep well is your assurance I am here.”

He is here. Rest in His Presence. Lay your burdens down. He is your Hope. You are hope because He is living in you.

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