Simple Kingdom Thoughts For Breakthrough

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Simple Kingdom Thoughts for breakthrough.

I used to say “have oil, will travel.”

What I meant by that was I’d travel any distance to come, apply oil, and pray for healing, restoration, hope or comfort. Or I’d apply oil on doorways in a home making a physical application as I prayed for the spiritual reality of His Presence invading every room of a house and keeping evil out.

As I’ve learned the power of living from my spirit identity I have come to realize I can travel in the spirit and apply the oil of His Presence as I pray.

This is a piece of my heart with simple Kingdom thoughts for breakthrough for you. 

I love to speak Pappa’s Heart which explodes with love for you, amidst the travail of pain you may be experiencing in your heart. I long to see the breakthrough of restoration, finances, peace, and joy in your life. I believe you can be healed from trauma and drama.

As I travel through the pages of the Song of Song, I hear loudly the Bridegroom King speaking His wild love for you. Wild, wonderful, joyful love with so much bliss…

Have you heard Him speak like that lately?

Listen to the The Lover of Your Soul

“My love and grace has a face. Come closer dear child. Look Me in My eyes. Listen as I speak to you as My beloved. Do you know how I long for an intimate union with you, a divine romance that starts with a kiss, a face to face encounter?

“I am all about relationship where My love is a rushing river to wash your sin and make you ever beautiful in My sight. I am not into scaring you but loving you into this intimate friendship. My caresses are kind. My Presence brings an aroma from My Vineyard, sweet smells of growing fruit. I long to dine with you drinking the sweet wine of your devotion with uninhibited bliss and joy.

“Your wounds of your soul do not move me or repel me. Let Me apply the oil of My Presence and the Blood of My Son to those ravished wounds, as I heal your mind from the drama of the trauma.”

“I adore you beloved. I value you. Your love for Me makes my heart skip a beat. Let’s dance together. Let me twirl you with My tender love leading you with steps toward healing and hope.

“I am your Bridegroom King. You are My bride.”

Love The Lover of Your Soul

(From new work I’m working on from reading Song of Songs by The Passion Translation)

Just in case you can’t wrap your (religious?) mind around this word, it’s based on this one verse from Song of Songs.

“Smother me with kisses—
Your Spirit kiss divine.
So kind are your caresses,
I drink them in
Like the sweetest wine!
Your presence releases
A fragrance so pleasing—
Over and over poured out.
For your lovely name is “Flowing Oil.”
No wonder the brides-to-be adore you.”
Song of Songs 1:2-3 tpt

I believe in you. You have great value.

I’ll be applying the oil of His Presence as I pray for you!

In The Vine,


PS Please share this thought with a friend who might need a kiss from heaven.

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