I Got Shot: Ride On Kingdom War Horses
Podcast #12

I got shot…at….THREE TIMES!  It seems when I shoot a video at this location, I always hear a gunshot. This time it did not scare me and actually fit with what I am saying in this video.

Basically in this post, I am trying to find the words to explain my heart and how I feel about so many faithful family and friends who have demonstrated the passionate love of God to me through the years. I seem to get the words out in a video sometimes more than on paper. So I hope you will watch the video above or tune into the latest podcast for more….about Kingdom War Horses.


Firebrand Dave Croft

I thought of my husband. I watch him often in how he is so intentional to not walk in the pain or offenses in the past and move on with the love of the Father. He comes alongside friends and leaders and speaks life with prophetic words of hope and healing. His joy overflows with a deep love stamped on his heart from the Father. He is quick to forgive and slow to anger. He has been radically altered by His Father’s love and forever changed. 

So I pondered this as I continue to be wrecked by Song of Songs, Chapter 8. I knew there was a word stirring in my heart by the Holy Spirit to let HIM release a Vinedresser Word to you. This word says it all, really.

So, thank you for being a Kingdom War Horse. You truly exemplify one who walks with the breaker anointing. You have travelled through the battle of life pains, being shot at, and wounded. Yet, you allow the Holy Spirit to bring healing to your gaping heart holes and rise as a champion of the faith. Your life is a safe place for others to rest and process the tangled issues of their life. They find hope in you. They trust you because your life carries the fragrance of His Presence.

I do realize you may not fit this category as you still may have arrows stuck in your heart. May I encourage you to forgive. Ask God to bring you someone faithful who will celebrate who you are and not who you are not. Someone who you can throw out an anchor into the stormy seas of your life and they will pull you safely into the harbor of their breakthrough to help you find peace and hope and healing.:

So, this is a tribute to all of you who selfishly toil unseen in the battlefield of life leaving His Impression of love and grace:

Listen To The Vinedresser:

“Raise your head child. Come inside this garden so you can hear the tender songs of redemption I’m singing over you? My love for you is stronger than the chains of freezing fear that wants to make you feel stuck. I have a word of release as you feel like a war horse fastened tight behind the starting gate. My unrelenting and burning fire of My heart is now on your life to shore up your true identity and set you on the road of your desired destiny.

“This is how I experience you. I drink the wine of your devotion as you bring Me perfect happiness, such thrilling joy. You make My heart skip a beat in love for you. Your love for Me enthuses My heart. Do you see My favor pouring out on you as you become a laid down lover? I freely connect you with other followers of My love as you are united in spirit in this Vineyard of My passion and delight.

“This is how I see you. You are now a tower of passion and I call you My beloved. You are a firm wall of peaceful protection for others as you walk in the breaker anointing I have placed on your life. You carry My authority in the spirit realm and are able to speak freedom to my children in harm’s way from the evil one. You break asunder the chains on My loved one’s lives and fear not death, nor the grave.

“This is how I empower you. Your vineyard of love in your heart becomes a feast of hope and help for My messengers who have for years been on the battle field serving Me. You come alongside these treasured friends of Mine and breathe mercy, grace, and love into their lives. You become their anchor which they can throw into the stormy seas of ministry to simply rest under your compassionate care. They can trust you with their most vulnerable areas of their bruised heart with you because the scent of My Presence is all over your life.

“Arise now My beloved. Let’s dance together in fields of grace and over mountains of fragrant spice. You are my treasured messenger bringing heaven to earth in the promenade of grace, favor, and love, with no striving, simply abiding…in the Vine.”
Love the Vinedresser

i-drink-the-wine-of-your-devotion-as-you-bring-me-perfect-happiness-such-thrilling-joyI end this with a paragraph from my friend’s Brian and Candice Simmons’ book based on Song of Songs call “The Sacred Journey”.  This is part of the picture that has been on my heart. 

“’I am now a firm wall of protection for others, guarding them from harm.’ As a wall, the stones and arrows would hit her before they could harm others. She stands mature and faithful in the day of battle. How the church needs mature ones like her in our own day! She commits herself to enclose and protect the local churches (cities). She leads by example and stands firm on behalf of others. It’s time for you to say:
‘I am the one who brings him bliss, finding favor in his eyes.
My bridegroom-king has a vineyard of love made from a multitude of followers.
His caretakers of this vineyard have given my beloved their best.

Excerpt From: Brian Simmons. “The Sacred Journey (The Passion Translation).

To all my Kingdom War Horse friends… I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Ride on friend.

In the sweet spot, in The Vine,


PS Do you have a Kingdom “War Horse” in your life? Share with someone today.

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