i am a revivalist

I Am A Revivalist

God is calling you out. He is putting His Finger on your heart saying you can’t hide this child. I have put it in your very DNA to move mountains with the faith I have given you. 
Find a quiet place and read this from the Vinedresser. 
Listen to the Vinedresser

“You are My revivalist child. I give you the deep revelation to fruitful activation to make you My messenger to impact thousands. I have touched your life with an extraordinary solution to someone else’s pain point.  Yes the desire for the manifestation of your true destiny is from Me.

“You have learned to patiently wait in My peace room, the Vineyard, and find what you really long for: More of Me. Gentleness now resides in you. You have learned that nothing can satisfy the last aching abyss in your heart like the tender love of Me found in My Vineyard. You crave righteousness and are surrounded with abundant fruit . You demonstrate tender mercy with grace and have learned to unselfishly spill that same grace out  to others.

“Your idea of fun is drive by blessings or walk by healings. You choose peace over strife. Instead of offense you choose forgiveness. Because you have walked with me in the realm of My Kingdom by hanging out in the secret place, My Vineyard, I have endued you with power to live victoriously in every area of your life.

“You become the breakthrough. You are the shift for favor. You carry the glory story. You are connection because you are connected to the Vine. You are revival because revival has blown through your heart disrupting the chaotic plan and pain of the evil one. You are My revivalist because of my abiding Presence.

“You are the much needed salt to a world who has lost it’s appetite and hope for a loving meal at My table. You are light to a world who thinks darkness is normal and struggles with enmity and conflict. Being a revivalist is not about striving child but simply abiding. My Presence in you is able to defeat any opposition you may face in your mind or in your reality.

You are My Hands to bring salvation, deliverance, and healing to the world. So say it child, “I am a revivalist”! It’s really who you are…”in the Vine”.
Love the Vinedresser
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