Prune me

Prune Me To Ruin Me From Me

I’ll be honest. I have not wanted to touch on this subject of pruning simply because I feel so many have the wrong picture of their heavenly Father. He is not a task master. He does not expect perfection. Even in the midst of our messes, He still calls us radiant.

You can read the Song of Songs to get a clear picture of how He is relentless in pursuing us and calling us beautiful.Song of songs1-5

For the pruning part, check out  John 15: 2 (NKJ)

“Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away;[a] and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.“ (My emphasis added with bold text).

What do you do when your struggles seems to never end? What do you do when the very thing (stronghold, issue, sin) you think you broke off remains? Where do you go when even your close friends seem to have lost patience with you? How do you get into the “sweet spot” amidst the constant rattle of the battle, in your mind and your body? This is the pruning process. It’s the trimming away from the old way (tradition), breaking off of strongholds, and cutting away the bruise in the fruit. It’s the removal of those things that can destroy your destiny. Fear. Pride. Control. Lack (spirit of poverty)

I’ve learned a lot by reading how important it is to a Vineyard to prune in the off season. If a vine keeps growing without being pruned at the last place of bearing fruit, it will continue to grow out using all it’s “energy” to keep growing, but with no fruit. I think to myself: “How often do I refuse correction and use all this energy in my process of life with no fruit to show for it”?

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As I wrote in my book “In The Vine”:  “I have learned not to be depressed about the process of being pruned for fruit, for harvest. Sometimes out of what seems the most devastating situation or worst betrayal, Holy Spirit moves in powerfully to speak to me. This is my heart’s cry amidst this process of pruning: 

“Lord.. I desire to be IN THE VINE… living life by design, not mine.
“Prune me to ruin me from lustful longings, from passing passions, and prideful pleasures. Break me to make me more like You.“

Just some thoughts….Bottom line is, God is interested in our progress. Will you trust Him with the pruning process to bear more of His fruit?

Will you be quick to forgive?

Declarations: I can trust God’s loving Hand in pruning me for my own character. He loves me enough to prune me, not ruin me.

Listen to the Vinedresser

You can’t hide from me beloved. When you run from me thinking I will rebuke you, I remain constant in my tender love for you. You are my radiant one. Yes, I call you radiant even when the mud of the world has been caked on your face with worry, shame, disorientation, offense and fear. I don’t leave you in that state but invite you into the Vineyard for training.

If you feel the sharp cut from the pruning process, know that this is evidence that you are my delightful child. My Word cleanses the pruning wound with relief from My faithful love through this process, Welcome My gentle Hands as they handle you with care through correction. For just as a Father corrects his son, so I will correct you. Take this pruning mark as your validation that you are My much loved Son, My much loved daughter.

My pruning is an invitation dear one to share in My holiness. The pain is relieved here in the warm garden with the oil of the Holy Spirit flowing over your tender places that hurt so badly. Look for the transformation child as the refining of your character brings you a harvest of righteousness, peace, and restoration.

You are beautiful and radiant Child. Come now and leave your fear of rejection and pain from arrows from others. I am here to love you forward and over the mountains of troubles. If you ever lose sight of Me, just follow My footsteps in this garden. This is where I lead my lovers to the sanctuary of My flowing river spilling over with healing waters. You are mine in the Vine. You are My radiant one!

Love the Vinedresser

Share with a friend. Remind them the pruning comes to those who ARE bearing fruit!

In The Vine,



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