Prophetic Word For Shift

So are you ready to go forward in your breakthrough? Are you ready to be set into your destiny and be about the dream God has put in your heart?

I feel strong that this word is for you, especially after a Thanksgiving holiday where you may have felt a myriad of emotions from family conflicts or deep internal questions in your mind.

I do hear you say yes!

This word in the video above is something God has really been revealing to me, especially in the past seven months. It has to do with finding that place of rest (no performance) in His Presence, and cultivating a relationship with God as you stay so intimately close to Him, in the Vine. You tenaciously hang (by being, living) faithfully in the soil of His Promises.prophetic word for shift

Prophetic Word For Shift

In the process of being found in the garden listening to the Vinedresser, I believe God is raising you up in the designs and frequencies of heaven to go forward in your purpose.

Some of you are “hidden” right now. Hidden in the Vine being able to listen, obey and speak His voice. You are cultivating a deep intimacy with Him which brings forth truth to your real identity. In identity you discover your true destiny as He is raising you up as a warrior in Him.

There are places and strongholds that God has set you up to demolish, not in performance, but simply by bringing His Presence to these strategic areas. I also believe part of being a warrior is God arming you with a prayer life that grabs things in the spirit and brings them to earth. You see provision, money, keys, extraordinary solution to problems in the spirit. By faith you lay hold of these and watch the manifestation of what’s in your hand become a reality in your circumstances. 

videoIt’s coming quickly.

You can be ready. You can walk through this door.

Find out exactly how with some simple points in this video above.

I believe in you. I see the Father’s heart toward you and He is so proud of you. He takes pleasure in your good attitude. He sees you guard your heart as you humbly walk through the tangled circumstances on the battlefield of your own emotions or others.

Get ready. The shift is on. This prophetic word for shift is for you!

Watch and see how simple this is.

IN the Vine,


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