Prophetic Word: Recalibrate In 2018
Podcast #43

As I received a breeze from Holy Spirit on the prophetic word for this year, I was reminded of something I talk often about:  the hum of heaven. The hum connects you in your spirit to the design and frequencies of heaven.

It’s that spirit identity connection with heaven where the compass of your heart remains on peace as you rest in His Presence.
The hum is the stable ground of truth where all His Promises are singing a song to your heart. You may feel like your heart is in pieces, or your are going through a major upheaval, or simply you feel your destiny is delayed. But He gives you a  kind of hope that wrecks your heart in a good way. His wrap around Presence comes in that not only soothes the ragged edges but brings a breath of fresh air to the truths to your future.
Your heart finds a place to worship and sing.
Then comes the breeze of the Holy Spirit.
And your heart feels like it’s home, abiding in His love, grace, and precious promises.
The secret place is the sweet spot in the Vine.
The secret place involves encounters with Him as you read His Word. It’s fresh touches of His Spirit as you spend time praying and worshiping.. In His Presence, you get downloads of His revelation, and beautiful peace which calms your rattling mind.
These downloads spark the fire of your true identity.
Fact: You are in process. You are not in process of becoming who you were designed to be. You are in process of BELIEVING who God created you to be!  Yes, the process of you believing who you are in Christ is the real process! Hah. You don’t like that word process sometimes do you? 🙂
I believe you have an extraordinary solution to someone’s pain point. From mothers to marketplace men and women to pastors and prophets, to worshippers, God has set you apart to impact those around you.
The assignment against you is not greater than the faith in you. Your weapon is resting in His Presence, soaking in the declaration of His Word and walking in your true identity of who you really are in Christ.
This is what the 2018 prophetic word is all about.
It’s a word about walking in the fullness of your identity in your destiny and it begins with a charge from heaven to recalibrate!
Recalibrate to the true hum of heaven alive in you.
God whispered Romans 4 and Philippians 3 for the back drop to these three points to the recalibration that He can provide:
  1. It starts with your belief system shifting and returning to the truth of who you really are in Jesus Christ.
  2. Walking out your true identity–When we know and believe the truth of who we are in Christ, we will walk out the truth.
  3. A turn from the drama of the trauma to true healing an restoration.

God gave me some insight on point number two that I share in an excerpt from the Kingdom Mentor Academy. I think it’s a truth you can connect with that will help you recalibrate this year in your true spirit identity. Watch the video by clicking here.

I share the meat of this word with my Kingdom Mentor Academy. I invite you to join us on a journey of activating these vital truths to recalibrate and shoot you forward to success in your destiny. Topics include:

Living free to be in the sweet spot

Walking In Your True Spirit Identity

Keys To Spark Your Destiny.

Finding Freedom To Find Your Voice

Changing Your Belief system.

Healing-Inner Healing From Trauma.

A more intense training will be coming called the VIP In The Vine Premier Coaching/Mentoring Program.

Summing up this Prophetic Word, you can recalibrate to walk free to your calling. In that recalibration you are in a great position to find the resources and capacity to truly succeed. It’s might be a small or big move on the dial or slider from your spirit to your heart to you mind.

The full word can be heard in my podcast by clicking here.

I believe in you. If you hear no other voice, listen to mine. You are meant to walk out the truths of what God says about you and who you are.


I love to read your comments, prayer requests, and other feed back. I am praying for you.

Let me know if this resonates with you after watching the video or listening to the podcast.

Click here to watch the video.

In the Vine,


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