Prophetic Word 2017: Financial Breakthrough
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Will you handle my heart with care? I’m going bare in my soul in sharing about financial breakthrough…and financial heart breaks.

I share even more details in the video above including some precious snapshots of my family that are centered around this devastating time in my life.

So here I go. I am sharing this life experience to continue on with this word that God gave me for 2017 about turnarounds. You can click here to read that word if you missed it.

Hearing a word having to do with a turnaround, with God’s grace and favor stamped on it, can sound great.

But then there is reality of one’s present situation, rather what’s in the bank and what’s NOT!

I get that. Totally.

Reality can set in. You can feel not only the financial weight but also pressure in other areas, from disconnect in your family to tensions at work.

I get that. Totally.

As I hear the Holy Spirit tell me to open my Bible to 2 Kings 4, a rush of memories come back.

It was nine years ago. I was living in a rented house because someone had set our huge house on fire. It was quite an expanse of a a dwelling which my husband had designed and constructed, much of it with his own hands.

While Dave was off building a bank shortly after the fire, I was left at home. As a retired radio announcer my main effort was trying to love my children after the trauma of seeing such devastation to the only home they really knew. With the burned out house came much “fire” in other areas, from our marriage to our finances.

I wanted to help my family’s financial situation. Instead of letting fear drive me deeper into depression, I would rise early to soak in His Word.

I’ll never forget this story of the widow one cold morning in 2 Kings Chapter 4. She was a member of a group of prophets. Her husband, who had served Elisha faithfully, was dead and she had a huge debt. Facing her creditors who were hounding and threatening to take her and her two sons as slaves, she cried out in complete desperation to Elisha.

I love it that Elisha did not give her any answers full of piety and pity.

He simply asked her two questions. “What can I do to help you? What do you have in the house?”

All she had was a flask of olive oil. Elisha told her to borrow as many empty jars as she could and then to CLOSE the door! He instructed her to pour the olive oil from her flask into the jars setting each one aside when filled.

Here is a key. She closed her door and did what she was told.

She poured and poured filling each empty vase until there were no more. Then Elisha told her to sell the oil to pay her debts and live on what is left. Talk about a financial breakthrough!

Read 2 Kings 4 to read the FULL story of this financial turn around.

That Biblical story hit a note with me back then. I thought to myself: “What do I have in my rented house (that was not charred).

I had my computer.

I closed the door to my own doubts and the critics of my time spent on the computer, and began my journey of learning on my own about online marketing, video, social media marketing, and later writing as an author. I started writing the Vinedresser words to myself three years after the fire.

Is this to say I am financially secure?

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No, I’m still in my journey listening to the Holy Spirit and continuing working in my Vineyard (as an author and with social media marketing). I have seen God faithfully provide and support my family amidst more financial devastation that came AFTER our house was set on fire. I also have been able to use the skills I’ve learned to help my clients, Kingdom Messengers, spread their message online.

The point is this. I believe God is setting you up for a financial turnaround for the harvest ahead. To win a billion souls, there is a trillion dollar harvest needed…as my husband has said to me. I believe He is raising up those who can handle the wealth needed for this harvest. I believe 2017 is the beginning of this turnaround where the “keys” to the storehouses will be given.

This ties in perfectly with the third part of this 2017 Prophetic Turnaround word which is you will give birth to your dreams and visions. Some of you are in the midst of this movement right now. Let’s get real. It can be messy giving birth. But God is not moved by any messes you are experiencing in the midst of this turnaround. It’s often out of the mess where He gives you this shot of courage that helps you push on and stretch for the reality of the vision.

So where are you in this journey? Are you willing to give your faith away and truly declare this kind of breakthrough is for you?

So…we go back to this Word for 2017. 

This prophetic word involves declarations which shift your belief system to walk out what God says.

It involves pressing into Him and not the fears that want to slap your face.

It means believing in God, “who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;” (Romans 4:17)

It is your year friend. Turnaround! 2017 is going to be a great year.

In the sweet, In the Vine,


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