The Press Of The Process


There is a prophetic word stirring in my heart…concerning your breakthrough.

It involves the press of the process.

It can be suffocating when it comes to your destiny.

You can feel like you get just to the point of breakthrough and…slam, jam…ouch!

Or you feel procrastination (fear) take over and you set up a tent in pity valley.

But let me ask you this.

What happens when you push back on the tensions and delays to your God given creativity?

Where is the power source to continue on?

How do you get through the press of the process?

I believe it’s comes from your heart to your mind as you walk FROM your spirit identity in faith to your goal…a published book, song, a new business, or even a breakthrough in relationship.

It’s a recalibration.

I have more details of this word God has given I continue to ask for the pieces to complete this prophetic word for 2018.

For now, I want to encourage you that you CAN walk in the fulfillment of your destiny. He placed and wired you for this in your very DNA.

You can trust Him…..

press of the process

You can do this friend! Listen to what the Vinedresser says:

“Trust Me! You will lack nothing as you walk each day intimately connected to Me, in this Vineyard of your heart. Here lies the rich soil of My Presence to help you grow. I will be generous with My gifts, giving you more than enough…more grace and more glory. Keep walking with integrity and watch Me provide. You will never be in lack as I always have your back.

“It’s a process. It’s a journey. You are mine. Let go and believe your times are in My Hand. So, don’t strive, simply abide, in the Vine.” Love the Vinedresser”

Excerpt From
Listen To The Vinedresser Vol. 2
Theresa M. Croft

This is an excerpt from Volume 2 of Listen To The Vinedresser.

They say writing a book is like birthing a baby. I can relate to that to an extent.  I produced everything, from writing, to the design of the cover, to actually publishing it on Amazon, Kindle. and iBooks through my company, The Kingdom Messenger Network.

I’m NOT saying that to boast or to say I have some extra ordinary talent. I simply “recalibrated” my mind a few years ago and rolled my sleeves up to take time to learn. This meant I had to study and learn the technical skills and all in actually self-publishing my book. I decided to publish myself because I did not want my book to sit in my computer while I waited for a publisher to pick it up. I also decided I did NOT want to pay lots of money for a lesser known publisher to publish it.

But most importantly, I had to walk out a major shift in my belief system. This meant walking out my identity as His much loved, geeky oriented, daughter.

As a result of these factors, I now really loveI coaching those who are in the process of learning their spirit identity as they are “finding their voice, their platform.”

So here is my devotional ready for you. 

The purpose of this book is to compile a 31 day devotional of Scripture, my every day struggles and then Words from the Vinedresser.

He reads your heart like an open book and is ready to show you more of the tender love of His heart.

The main theme is helping you to learn to not strive but abide in the Vine, in Jesus.

It makes a great stocking stuffer, last minute gift, or encouraging support as a Christmas gift.

Thank you always for your prayers and support as I walk in the lane of being His Media Messenger.

IN the Vine,


PS Click here to order Volume 2 now!


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