Healing In The Vine

A dear friend was on her sick bed and the daughter was worried she was going home.

My husband and I prayed believing God would touch her and bring healing. Dave asked to have the daughter to have her mom call us if she came to after being unconscious.

To our relief, our phone rang the next day and there was the voice of our dear sister in the Lord.

She is still struggling but this instance made me really think about those struggling and needing a healing touch.

Then just a few days later the daughter called with tragic news of her own illness and physical challenges. She was going to the daveprayshospital the next day for all sorts of tests. I honestly cannot even begin to imagine her pain. Is there real healing in the vine?

These are real challenges for me to find the words to speak in prayer. I can only ask God to help me pray. Often times I simply look to my husband to help me pray!

Sometimes the need is for healing physically. And other times the crash of circumstances can bring overwhelming grief.

In His Word and by His Holy Spirit I have found the help I needed. As I prayed for the daughter last night, the words of the Vinedresser in this declaration were ringing in my ears reminding me there is healing in the Vine!

Here is a declaration today for you. Say this aloud or write it down!

“I can walk in divine health and be healed of any infirmity.”

Think of it in this way, In the Vine puts your body under supernatural protection. Healing comes to you. It’s in your DNA.

Say it again: “I can walk in divine health and be healed of any infirmity.”

Listen to the Vinedresser:

I am your healer. Walk with Me and experience the healing grace of being connected to me Child.  My Son has carried your weaknesses, has been beaten and crushed . The price has been paid.

“I do not train through pain.  Your desire for healing is my desire. So healing you and keeping you whole matters to Me. I am the same yesterday, today, and for ever. Do you know what that means to you? I still like to heal bodies. Bring your battered and torn body to me. Lean agains My arms.

“I will hold you and make you whole. I will bathe you with the cool mist of My Presence. I will hold your hand with tenderness as you lay on your healing bed. I will kiss your heart and make it whole. My divine health and healing is here…in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

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