Pray For Me?

Will you pray for me?

I have this nervous excitement about tonight.

Can you see the blue light flashing…indicating that my hand is raised asking you to pray for me?

I’m excited, with some stress, because tonight is my core group’s turn (2nd Year of Bethel School of the Supernatural) to impart the Father’s Heart for the first 45 minutes of class. I am one chosen to speak for part of that time. I’m sharing about the keys to favor, and I want to memorize the Vinedresser Word I wrote two years ago, titled  “I Am A Revivalist” .

So why the tension?

Well, I guess being a life speaker is part of my dreaming with God. I don’t want to fail.

I believe it’s stamped in my DNA since birth to step up to a mic and talk. So, tonight I will be sharing to a group of my peers, true revivalists, making declarations over them…Live in front of them and not “Facebook- live” into my i-phone’s camera. 

I can talk into a camera. Been doing that for years.

But in front of my peers?

It’s funny, but I really just want to be myself and be real with no performance.

One friend encouraged me and said “Don’t worry if it’s messy…God will get the word through.”

That helped.

And then this one statement from Oswald Chambers which I found recently calmed my nerves more. It’s a paragraph I remember years ago that my mom had written out and showed me one day. I must have been around 15 years old. Later in life I found it underlined in my Dad’s version of My Utmost for His Highest after he passed away early (48) from cancer.

It simply, but powerfully stated this:

“There is only one relationship that really matters, and that is your personal relationship to your personal Redeemer and Lord. If you maintain that at all costs, letting everything else go, God will fulfill His purpose through your life. One individual life may be of priceless value to God’s purposes, and yours may be that life.”
◦OSWALD CHAMBERS-My Utmost For His Highest

So I will let go of the fretfulness and walk out my relationship with God allowing His purpose to flow through me tonight.

You can do this too. If you find yourself in a corner or uptight or feeling like you’re failing to live up to someone else’s expectation, let it go. Be yourself. Be who God created you to be and not act like someone else. Stay close, hiding yourself in Him. He has the timing of your destiny and release of your desires in His Hand. He is all about perfecting you in love through the process of life. He has called you to be His Revivalist!!!

Ok. Here is the Vinedresser Word (updated) that I have finally memorized.

Listen to the Vinedresser:

“You are My revivalist child. I give you the deep revelation to fruitful activation to make you My Kingdom messenger to impact thousands, generation upon generation. I have touched your life with an extraordinary favor and solutions to someone else’s pain point. Yes, the desire for the manifestation of your true destiny is from Me.

“You have learned to patiently wait in My War room, the Vineyard, and find what you really long for: Intimacy with Me. Gentleness now resides in you. You have learned that nothing can satisfy the last aching abyss in your heart like the tender love of Me you experience in My Vineyard.

“Your idea of fun is drive-by blessings or walk-by healings. You choose peace over strife. Instead of offense you choose forgiveness. Because you have walked with me in favor, in the realm of My Kingdom by hanging out in the secret place, I have endued you with power to live victoriously in every area of your life.

“You become the breakthrough. You are the shift for favor. You carry the glory story. You are connection because you are connected to the Vine. You are revival because revival has blown -ripped through your heart disrupting the chaotic plan, pain, trauma, drama, of the evil one. You are My revivalist because of my abiding Presence alive in you.

“You are the much needed salt to a world that has lost its appetite and hope for a loving meal at My table. You are light to a world who thinks darkness is normal and struggles with enmity and conflict. Being a revivalist is not about striving child, but simply abiding. My Presence in you is able to defeat any opposition you may face in your mind or in your reality.”

“You are my revivalists continually filled with praises to God, enjoying the favor of all people. You are My Hands to bring hope, healing, salvation, deliverance, community, family, true real revival to the world. You are revival because revival is living in you!

“So say it child, “I am a revivalist!” It’s really who you are… ‘in the Vine’.”

Love the Vinedresser

So, thanks in advance for praying for me.

I’ll let you know how it goes. May even have it shot on video since I know my momma will want to see it.

Love to you.

In the Vine,


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