A Motorcycle And A Poppa’s Love

What do the verses below have to do with this phrase, “My Poppa Loves Me”?

“For all who fear Him will feast with plenty.
Even the strong and the wealthy grow weak and hungry,
But those who passionately pursue the Lord
Will never lack any good thing.”
Psalm 34:9-10 tpt
I ask the question as I read “those who  trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.”
So is a Harley Davidson a good thing? That is what my amazing husband bought me the other day. I believe God so knows the desires of your heart since He implanted them in you, so the answer is yes.

Call me strange. 

Just to clarify. I was not looking to get a Harley motorcycle. I hadn’t rode one in five years. About a month ago my husband started to stop by The Atlanta Harley Davidson shop. We would saunter on in and look. Memories came back quickly.

I’ll never forget some 15 years ago when my husband called me on the phone at the radio station where I worked and said,”Hey Tee! Come on down here. I want you to see this Harley I’m going to buy!”

I have to admit I thought… “Oh brother”.

So what do I say when my husband pats the back seat exclaiming, “This is where you are going to ride!”
Hmm.  Well, I looked around the shop and asked the salesman, “Is there anything here I CAN RIDE?”daveandteemomo3
Needless to say, we left the dealer that day each on our own motorcycle. 

We had some amazing times on those steel horses too. There is nothing like strapping on your threads, loading your bike with some light luggage, and hitting the roads. Dave and I have some precious memories together driving our bikes all over the country. Truly we have experienced some in the Vine, in the sweet spot memories together.

So back to the present. We seemed to stop by this dealer more than once. I’m totally not real sure about my husband’s reasons for all of this. I did learn something. What you gaze upon a lot, you start to get a desire to want it. Now that can be good or bad. <chuckle>

Next thing I know the salesman gets real specific on which bike I could see myself riding. Crazy! It took me over four hours to get to the place where I knew this was for real and Dave was serious. At the end I sat on this used maroon Softail Deluxe. It fit me like a glove. When I asked if I could start it and heard the crack of the pipe…Be still my heart, I lit up like a Christmas tree.Christmas in August!

I drove that baby home…on I-20…with a grin that could not be wiped off.

My husband’s love for me never ceases to amaze me.  

teemommaI did have a major revelation after church where Leif Hetland was explaining that you need to see yourself the way your “Poppa” see you and love yourself like He does. Yes I know you know that God loves you, but do you love yourself as much as He loves you?

I got a major breakthrough on this AFTER church. Some friends were waiting on me so I could show them the way to our house. As I threw my leg over the Harley and cranked it up… looked back as I throttled the bike with it’s loud pipes… I yelled to them… “My Poppa LOVES ME!”. I wish I could have captured the smile and laughter on their face and astonishment at how LOUD the pipes were.

On the beautiful ride home with the sunshine beaming, the roads smooth with just the right amount of curves, I reflected on just how God has used my husband and my family/friends to love me. It obviously is not all in material things but in profoundly life changing ways.

He loves you too friend! May I encourage you to really dig deep to search and love yourself. For some of you that may start in forgiving yourself. And yes, His love does not have to come with material things. I think once in a while they may…. But I’d rather look for HIS PRESENCE to show up than something material. Are you tracking with me? Well…

What does the Vinedresser have to say?
Get a pen and write this down!

Declaration:  I can experience God’s amazing love no matter what is going on through out my life.

Listen to the Vinedresser

“I chase after you with My beauty and love every day of your life. Yes dear child, I run after you pursuing you with my goodness, mercy, and unfailing love. Oh how I long for you to love yourself as much as how I love you.

“As I pour out my unfailing love like a waterfall, I invite you to drink and refresh yourself. My love will satisfy every aching thirst. Yes, My love is extravagant. I know you Child. Find Me in quiet moments as you hide yourself deep in My Vineyard. I will reveal more of this exquisite love in this intimate secret place where you will be wrecked by the power of My loving rest.

“Here, bathing in this holy love, I make you a priest on the inside, so you can reign as a King/Queen on the outside. My banquet table is set. Come and sit My love, dine in the Vine with Me.”

Love the Vinedresser

For those of you concerned for my safety…and my dear mother who is reading this… Don’t worry for my safety. My Poppa loves me so much that He gives me His Holy Spirit to whisper areas where I need to be careful and watchful for other cars. 

He loves you friend. What does that love look like to you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

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