Developing a deeper friendship with Holy Spirit!

Getting Personal

I’m getting personal with you. Not that I haven’t laid bare my heart with you writing for the past five years.

This is it. I totally get feelings of loneliness and wondering if I’ll ever have friends or if the trials will ever stop beating on my door.

I hear you too. I’m sorry you have faced tough issues that have kept you anywhere but the sweet spot in life. I understand you want more insight, revelation, and hope for yourself and your situation. I truly get it when you feel you are in a battle that rattles your brain, freezes your faith, and beats your emotions down.

I have had my years of being in a desert of no close friends near me. I know what it’s like to be disconnected.

I wrote a Vinedresser word about this which I’d like to share a few parts with you. It was at a time when my heart seemed tattered and worn. Let’s see if it resonates with you.

“Dear child, I understand when hope’s dream seems to drag on and the delay for real connections and restored relationships seem nowhere to be found. I am here, dear one. Put your arms up and let me pick you up and hold you as your heart aches from a stone thrown, an arrow shot, or a word that bruised. 

“Hand over this pain that has shattered your heart. Forgive and release those who have hurt you.

“Allow the beats of my heart to remind you I am close even when you feel lost in the coldness of isolation or crushed by betrayal in a relationship. Let me pull the arrows out and pour the oil of My spirit in that gaping wound. The process may seem like it is slow but know the timetable is in My Hand….” (Listen To The Vinedresser-devotional available on Amazon)

Theresa Croft

So with that, I share…with you personally, that I am going in this intentional direction of connecting with you in a private group.  I have learned the joy of finding real Kingdom relationships. With that, He’s put a mandate on my heart to help others connect…for the purpose of the KINGDOM

God knows you need a tribe to encourage you amidst your journey to walking in your destiny. Stay in His Presence friend. Seek Him out in the midst of your darkness or your questions that don’t seem to have answers right now. He is here. His glory is on you. Open heavens are with you every place you walk.

This is the year for favor to arise for you. You are being called out from a hidden place to walk fully into your destiny

I desire to run with people like you!

Presence driven connections looking to unite in their true purpose and destiny for the Kingdom.

So, I would like to invite you to an exclusive mentoring and training program. 

Kingdom Mentor/Media Private Group

It’s called the Kingdom Mentors/Media Training Group.

This is about deepening YOUR friendship with the Holy Spirit and walking in your Kingdom authority to reign in life.

This is about being family…“Family is the Kingdom Of God.”

You are an author, a worship leader, a business person, a life coach, a true Kingdom Messenger and you know NOW IS THE TIME.  You’re ready to walk in the full manifestation of who your are. in the Vine, in Christ.

I have an introduction offer available for a limited time. The first 10 who sign up will get my Devotional “Listen To The Vinedresser:  31 Declarations of Who You Are In The Vine”—with a prophetic word inside the cover just for you.

Check it out now so you can get in on this introduction offer:



This is your time. This is your season. It’s your time to connect to a group that will be your safe place online to learn how to say goodby to fear and worry and troubling situations. Someone needs your extraordinary solution to their problems. You have it. It’s time for you to be seen. It’s time to SPEAK…the world is listening…online.

Step up to the plate with me and let’s hit some home-runs together…as family, as friends, and divine connections in the Vine.

In the sweet spot-in the Vine,


PS Act now while this introductory price is open for you. Click here NOW to learn more or share with a friend!
I look forward to meeting and reconnecting with you!



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