Overcoming The Drama From Trauma
(Overcoming Soul Wounds-Podcast #33)

This is something that has really been stirring on my heart.

I’m excited for you. I believe God is setting you apart. I believe you are part of the solution for the heart’s cries of others.

God has given you some of the keys to walking forward in your calling. Some of you really have this dream, this vision, that going to have an amazing impact on the Body of Christ.soul wounds

I see this as a set up for breakthrough for you. This involves resources and yes, finances, to help your family and spill into strategies for Kingdom advancement.

So, I believe the storehouses of heaven are opening dramatically to be put into the hands of men and women who can handle the wealth. This is the key to all of the above that is mentioned here and it has to do with you and your soul wounds being healed.

This has to do with capacity….. To have the full capacity to walk forward in soul health, so as to truly not only handle resources, but also be a part of seeing others getting healed.

So in this Spirit Identity series, it’s like this: Your spirit is born from above and is as powerful and beautiful as Jesus’.

So, you are made up of spirit, soul, and body.

Remember…we are a spirit being having a human experience. Often in the human experience comes the clash that puts us into a tail spin…hurting ourselves and those around us.

This is the deal. To have inner unity and be spirit driven, I go to the Word of God for answers to this one issue:

Soul wounds.

Soul Wounds …. I’m talking about sin and events or circumstances that have been traumatic.

Often you may think you have simply gotten over these “dramatic” moments in your life when in fact you are still living in the drama of the trauma….and it’s leaving it’s mark everywhere you go.

My husband explained it like this…You have an apple with a bruise in it. If you don’t cut that bruise out, the whole apple will eventually rot from that bruise and not be worth eating.

Rather graphic if you put yourself in that picture but… If these soul wounds are not dealt with, the wound goes deeper and you end up living your whole life in the drama not realizing exactly where it is coming from and why you are stuck.

Soul health.

There is a solution. I go into detail of the solution to this in the Spirit Identity Series. I give you a peak into that with this video….a piece of the process.

So don’t fret. I won’t leave you wondering how to be free of these trauma events caused by sin and or devastation from your past but I do go into some detail here.

But first..let’s hear a word from the Vinedresser

Listen To The Vinedresser
“Come close My child. The roar of the drama from your trauma moves Me not. The mess of your gaping wound is why I bid you to draw near to you. You are still My delight. One word from Me with My finished work on the cross is enough to begin the healing of your soul. 
“Let me wash you and cleanse you with the blood of My sacrifice. Let me breath on you with the breath of My spirit. One confession can create a new session of abundant life for you. Draw near to Me dear one, and I will draw near to you.
“I not only provide freedom from your sins but also healing deep into your soul. You can rise from the ash of the trash others have spilled on you. I give you the power to walk in your testimony day in and day out which becomes your shining destiny. 
“You are My breaker anointing messenger. Your love for Me may make you the talk of the town, but the fresh clean water from your soul will draw dry cracked and damage souls to Me. Your life, your gentle spirit, your smile, your freedom will draw thousands to you. You will get to raise your hands and say “I am free. My chains are gone. The Vinedresser had mercy on me. Freedom!!!!”
“Now that the weeds of addiction, drama, sickness, and sin has been pulled out, you become that fruitful garden where others can feast on the fruit. Your love for ME creates a fresh harvest that daily feeds you and others.
“You are meant to live in such soul health that it rebounds on everyone around you. First with your family…and then your region of influence. You are My breaker anointing messenger. Go confidently in my dunamis power and walk in the full capacity of the echoing call I put in your heart.
“You are My delight child. Work your faith in the process. But still, not strive, simply abide….in the Vine.”
Love the Vinedresser

In the video above…I simply use the analogy of weeds in the garden of your soul..messing up a beautiful vineyard. Watch it now and learn the two things you can do right now to go into the direction of soul health.

And guess what. I’m actually going to tell you to work it…your faith in this. Yep, your no strive simply abide friend is going to tell you to work this process. 

Watch now!

I value you. I believe in you. I’ll be praying for you.

In the Vine,


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