Now faith is

Now Faith Is In You

This past week has been a strange battle with my health. But I speak out faith. “Now faith is”, my heart shouts. I believe. I have soaked in this song for over a week that Bethel sings, a version of King of My Glory.

“He never falls off His throne”, sings Steffany Gretzinger (with Jeremy Riddle) as she prophetical sings in the middle of the song.
Awesome words containing a faith power bomb for my heart as I watch on a faith is

I sense many feel slapped down this past week. You may have an attack going on with your health, your children’s health, finances, relationships…I read one prayer request that so touched my heart of a mom coming from work to a home with three sick children and a pipe busted pouring water into her house. I pray earnestly as my heart goes out.

The assignment against you is not greater than the faith in you. Your weapon is the declaration of His Word. What does God say when the enemy crashes your mind with negativity?

This thought made me think of this phrase I said to myself over a year ago:

When fear freezes faith, anxiety slaps you in your face, or panic replaces peace….Take courage. He still walks on water. He still moves stones…

So that’s a simple reminder this morning. I encourage you to continue to declare what HE says. Your faith will arise as you listen to the Word of Your Father, declare His promises over yourself, your family, and as you walk in belief.

This faith will not fail you. You can go through any storm and be able to sleep in the boat just like Jesus. How? Why? Because you are coming from a place of victory as The Son, The Daughter of a King. Victory lives in you. You can call forth what is in heaven and see it manifested on earth. It is really who you are. In the Vine!

Need more encouragement?

Declare this and then listen to the Vinedresser:

“Victory lives in me because I’m in Christ. He never falls off His throne. He is so good. He will never let me down.”

Now Listen to the Vinedresser

“I see the weariness on your body dear child. Come out of the cold of your circumstances into the warmth of My embrace in this Vineyard. Look into My eyes that shine radiant love for you. Listen to My heart that skips a beat as you hold fast to Me. Listen to the truth of My intentional goodness when I tell you I never train through pain.

“I am here to pour into you more of My tender kindness, rays of sweet revelation light, and soothing comfort to quiet the ache of your tired heart. I am showing you a shining path that leads you into My burning Presence, where sin, lack and doubt drops off.

“Repeat often My Word of Life I speak to you, to replace the clang of doubt that beats you black and blue.

“I have a flowing fountain of strong faith springing in you. I am the light of Your holiness. Refreshment comes from me in honest confession. I keep pouring out My unfailing love to you as you hang on to Me. I am here to release more blessings as you remain loyal to stick like glue to Me, as you cling to the Vine.

“Not once have I forsaken a lover of Mine. Keep moving forward and steadily in My Ways. Can you hear Me? I’m singing over you a song of a new day. I have set you free. Many will see the miracles and breakthrough that is coming from your faith in Me, in this quiet place, in the garden. Many will stand in awe and wonder of how I have healed and restored you.

“So again I say keep moving. I have placed Victory in you. I have deposited a “now faith is” Word into you. Your life is ablaze shining My glory. You are like a brilliant billboard set high displaying the majesty of My blazing love for all to see. You carry the testimony as a Son, as a daughter of the Father. You give others hope for more of His glory stories as you bring heaven to earth. It’s who you are in not striving but simply abiding…In The Vine.

Love, the Vinedresser

©Listen To The Vinedresser

Walking in Now Faith is…with you! I see you as that dazzling billboard displaying His glory.

Theresa croft

Theresa “The Media Messenger of Faith”

In The Vine,



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