“You will never have to advertise your anointing if you spend your life in the secret place.”
David Edwards-Bethel Atlanta

I simply love that. The secret place is the sweet spot in the Vine.

The secret place involves encounters with Him as you read His Word. It’s fresh touches of His Spirit as you spend time praying. In His Presence, you get downloads of His revelation, and beautiful peace which calms your rattling mind.

I believe you have an extraordinary solution to someone’s pain point. From mothers to marketplace men and women to pastors and prophets, God has set you apart to impact those around you.The assignment against you i

The assignment against you is not greater than the faith in you. Your weapon is resting in His Presence and the declaration of His Word. Find a promise. Speak!

By the way, messes don’t move God. But they do have a way of discouraging you and making you doubt God’s call on your life.

I was reading in some Bible Study material (by Charlotte Travis) that our Harley Davidson Bible Study is going through in regards to Saul, before He was renamed Paul.

Talk about a mess! This dude was killing Christians!

Yet, God was not freaked out because He knew Saul’s destiny. He knew the Paul, in Saul, who would be a man devoted to Him and His people.

In Acts 9:1-22 we can view this amazing story as Saul meets face to face with Jesus. This had more light, sparks and dazzle than the latest Star Wars Movie when God says…”“Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”

Saul cries out, “Who are you, Lord?” I often wonder what else might have been said by Saul. I digress. Back to the point.

“Then the Lord said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”

As I learned in my study, a goad is a pointed sharp rod that urges an animal forward or in the right direction.


How often do you face a circumstance and try for an immediate solution in your own strength? And then why be surprised when you hit a bump or get poked by a painful situation? Better yet, what if something you couldn’t see around the corner comes barreling in on you like aanna the assignement Mac Truck? Ouch.

Listen, God has your destiny in His hand! As I explain in the video above, He is not one to goad, but to gently lead you in the direction that is best!

It all comes down, again, in abiding in the Vine, in the sweet spot. God knows what is around the next corner. As you walk and learn to hear His voice, He will be ever faithful to instruct you what to do today, or tomorrow, and will lead you to His purpose.

So stay abiding in the Vine. Walk in confidence knowing He has the divine design to your assignment, to your purpose in your life. He is setting you up to be His sweet, fruitful and anointed answer to someone.

And remember Saul, who became Paul, and the beautiful legacy of living and speaking for God.

Remain listening…to the Vinedresser

Listen to The Vinedresser:

“My dear child. Why are you kicking against My way, My plan for your life? You are only hurting yourself. Your immediate needs do not take Me by alarm. Your messes do not take Me by surprise. Listen to Me instead of the worries rattling in your mind. Your pressing for temporary solutions to your pain points only makes the process for progress delayed.

“I have your life in My Hands. Like a potter working the clay, I know how fast and how slow to bring out the beauty of the clay that becomes My masterpiece, you. I can take the hardest clay, the hardest heart and breathe on it to make it soft. My kindness often leads you to repentance, to the place to be molded.

“Learn to know my touch on your life. Listen to My voice as you seem to be out of control on the wheel. If things are swirling too fast around you, don’t let go of Me. Speak to Me. I can slow things down. I’m not about your perfection as a clay pot, but your progress as My divine-designed workmanship. You were created for good works which I prepared beforehand that you should walk in them.

“Walk with Me, child. I will tell you what you must do. More than anything, I will tell you who you are. I know what you need for tomorrow. I have answers to your perplexing issues. Abide with Me and learn My voice and wait with joy for the answer. Just like a child wakes up Christmas morning to presents under the tree, I have gifts designed just for you to aid you in your heart’s desires and answers to your deepest needs.

videotee“So come dear one. Let Me hold you as I mold you. You can trust Me for the finished work. I do the work. No need for striving. Stay abiding in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

Be sure to check out the video for more thoughts on this.

I appreciate you.

Stay in the Sweet Spot….

In the Vine,


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