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Open The Eyes Of Your Heart To See Breakthrough

           Share On Facebook – Open The Eyes Of Your Heart – For Smart Phones Video Below Prayer For 2016: Open The Eyes Of Your Heart I believe this video contains part of your breakthrough. Praise breaks the bars asunder. Worship enters you into the Vineyard where He is simply a breath […]

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Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users! Social Media Management Gold

Facebook Hits 1 Billion Of Active Users Thursday, August 27, I flipped open my phone to learn an amazing truth that means so much with a social media management company. Mark Zuckerburg announced that Facebook had officially hit the 1 billion mark of active users on Facebook. Mark wrote on his Facebook page: “We just passed […]

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Target Marketing In Social Media Management


Video Flashback–Basic Social Media Management Facts It’s NOT about you. It’s not about your ministry media, your church, your anointing, your message. Sound harsh? How about this. Your message is for the people God has sent to you. Whether it’s online or even at home, what really matters is you walking out that message as God […]

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