One specific word is the subject of this video above. I set my camera up as I was spending time in the mountains and when I turned it on… To my surprise, I had the word “Go”, “Jump”, on my lips.

So listen to this video. It’s for you. For some of you God is calling you to go in a new direction. It might be a deliberate turn from fear to trusting the love of God over your life. You have held back for so long. GO! Listen. God will help you as you walk on new, and at sometimes, difficult new paths. The freedom you will gain will exhilarate you in your walk with Him.

Others may hear God say to go forward. Jump in faith to start that market place business, or take the kids out of daycare and trust Him for finances. Maybe God is calling you to go on that mission trip, or go to that Supernatural School of Ministry.annago

Go. Jump. The only parachute you need is His promises that He will never fail you, and He will always sustain you as you cling to Him…in the Vine.

Your “go” is not about you. It is about the hearts God has called you to impact. Some of you will walk away from fear and torment and be the hero of your family. While others will impact cities, states, and nations.

You are being raised up with the breaker anointing to set the captives free. Yes you. Out of your brokenness and agony around you, God is breathing His restoration power in you. This releases the “go” for you to bring the BREAKER anointing. Lean in to Him. Continue to walk away from fear and watch His Kingdom realm come to those around you.

I had this dramatic moment one day as I walked a path in the woods to the cross at an outdoor sanctuary nestled behind this beautiful retreat center, Fellowship Valley. I was…Walking in the breaker anointing…away from fear…I was surrounded by the arms of My Father with a song of deliverance on my lips…Liberated from bondage… A much loved daughter singing out her freedom…

This is for you!

“Go instead and find the lost sheep among the people of Israel. And as you go, preach this message: ‘Heaven’s kingdom realm is accessible, close enough to touch.’ You must continually bring healing to lepers and to those who are sick, l and make it your habit to break off the demonic presence from people, m and raise the dead back to life. Freely n you have received the power of the kingdom, o so freely release it to others.” Matt 10:6-8 TPT

Watch the video above for more.teelake

In the sweet spot…IN The Vine,


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