Prophetic Word: The Breakthrough Word

Everyone leans in when someone has a word on breakthrough.

What if I told you that this breakthrough could start right now?

I truly believe as we have a turnaround that starts in the heart, that real breakthroughs manifest in the physical realm.

Can you relate? You have been praying and standing and believing for a long time for your breakthrough and your heart resonates with Holy Spirit when you hear this word.

Whether it’s turnaround or breakthrough, I know I’m asking Holy Spirit often to speak to me….for my own breakthroughs and for yours!

I received a gentle word the other night AFTER I read a praise report from a gentleman in my inbox on my Facebook Page. He shared his breakthrough with one of his own pictures by saying:

“Hello, Theresa! I just wanted to let you know that I read your posts daily, like a devotional. Haha. God has been so good and has been speaking to me often through your posts. I’ve been praying for breakthrough, in every area in my life, since this past February.

“Your posts has inspired me to press on even deeper. Within these last few months, God has been moving me, anointing me greatly. The vision He has for me is now clear. God has been anointing me to do great things with my art. I’ve been creating original pieces, moved by the spirit! My collection is called Art From The Soul. This has been opening many doors and encouraging me to seek Him everyday. I just want to thank you for doing what God has you do! Every word matters, in the name of Jesus!” Joshua

So…Joshua’s breakthrough is yours friend. God may be calling you to the media-arts, or government, or business….mountain, sphere of influence.

You have an extra-ordinary solution to someone else’s pain point with your destiny. Supernatural is not what you do. It’s who you are. You may really help someone who needs to hear your voice…your testimony!

So here is a breakthrough word that Holy Spirit whispered after I heard Holy Spirit say this to me…

Your breakthrough from your heart is tearing down barriers and bringing fresh revelation!
The wall is fear. But your courage to believe and then walk by faith is releasing an array of color. These colors are my Majestic love coming out of your heart just as I have designed for you to shine!!
Take My Hand. Walk with me.

I can take what the enemy meant to destroy you and turn into a glory story! You are mine! Fear not My Hand strumming inside your heart with this process. I’m about an intimate relationship with you!
Give me all your heart pain and let me bring the tune to your spirit that will release you into your breakthrough! June 19,2017

The Holy Spirit has lit a fire under me to finish the Breaker Anointing Book. I appreciate your prayers for that. And, I appreciate you.

Stay abiding amidst the process…

In the Vine,


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